Any tips for a pregnant plane passenger?

My sister and I are flying to Las Vegas (from SC…about a 7 hr flight if nonstop, I think) next month for a couple days and she will be about 6 months pregnant at the time. I’m hoping her doctor says it’s ok for her to fly. Assuming she gets the go ahead, what are some things she and I can do to make travelling a little easier for her?

(I haven’t been pregnant yet, so I have no idea how uncomfortable she’ll be or what kinds of things she’ll need)

Never mind the doctor: will the carrier allow her to fly?

If her pregnancy’s going uneventfully, she should be fine. As the airline to seat you behind the bulkhead for a little more legroom. (Tell them she’s rather pregnant, and they’ll likely be helpful.)

The main medical worry in pregnany while flying is Deep Vein Thrombosis, or blood clots in the legs. She can ask her doctor if compression stockings would help, and she should definitely review this page or one like it to learn simple tips and exercises to minimize her risks as well as make her flight more comfortable.

Oh - and make sure her seat belt is UNDER her belly, not across it or on top of it. Under the belly, across the thighs.

I’d also bring extra water, as flagging down the flight attendant can be a chore. She should be extra careful to stay well hydrated.

According to this article, Mexicana is the only major airline which restricts travel in the sixth month. There are a couple which restrict it in the last few weeks, but 7 days before your due date seems to be the most common. Check with your carrier to be sure.

Tip: Those barf bags aren’t very big.

Pregnant plane :wink:

Make sure she brings along snacks, too. I didn’t have serious morning sickness by 6 months, unless I didn’t eat regularly.

I flew to Bermuda when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant. My ob-gyn gave me a test before he said it was OK for me to go.

Here was the test:

Ob-gyn to me: “What will you do if you go into labor when you’re in Bermuda?”
Me: “I’d go to the nearest hospital.”
Ob-gyn: “OK, you can go.”

Wait wait… SEVEN HOURS? That can’t possibly be right. Unless I’m remember wrong (entirely possible), I’ve flown from California to NY in about 5ish.

Second the recommendation to request the bulkhead if possible; I flew at about 6 months and wasn’t able to have a choice in seats, and I was miserable in a regular row with no room to shift positions.

Bring or make sure to grab a pillow or two to put behind the small of her back; airplane seats tend to put you in a bent forward position which is really uncomfortable with a growing tummy.

Snacks and lots of water.

Don’t worry about looking good; wear comfy clothes and shoes.

Don’t let any Australian psychics buy her a ticket.

Have her carry a letter from her OB GYN that it is ok for her to fly. I’ve seen checkin personnel and flight crews ruin many a person’s trip claiming some reason why people cannot fly just because they can do it. Very few people are willing to put up a fuss, because the checkin personnel and flight crews can get someone so wired up and distraught that they use that as the pretext you will not fly with them.

I recommend wearing shoes that are easy to slip on and off. My feet got puffy towards the last few months, and flying can exacerbate that. (Something about pressure changes, I’ve heard.)

We must have the same OB, I flew to London at 7.5 months and was asked the same question. I replied, “Well, our friend we are staying with is the Head Nurse on her floor at her hospital, so I would let her drive us to the hospital.”
I would also suggest take a bottle or two of water to keep hydrated.

Thanks for all the tips. Bringing a letter from her ob-gyn is a great idea. I’m glad that was brought up now, instead of a month from now, while trying to board the plane…

Water, snack foods, comfy clothes and shoes, exercise, pillows, and a seat near the bulkhead… got it. And of course, because she is my sister and I want to do everything I can to take her mind off her belly, I’ll make sure to annoy her plenty. :smiley: “I’m not touching you!!” Yes, the flight attendants will just enjoy us so much.

Are psychics from New Zealand ok?

Also, another hint from my ob was if they ask ‘how far along are you’ when you check in, give some bs number, because no one knows how long gestation of a human is.

When i checked in, i said I was 57 weeks along and something like 7 more to go.

The 20 something guy didn’t even bat an eye.


(If you had posted this two days ago, I wouldn’t have been completely, er, lost)

(If you had posted this two days ago, I wouldn’t have been completely, er, lost)

If she gets a chance to upgrade to first class - grab it - even if you have to pay for it. I upgraded my last trip for $100 - worth every penny and I’m not pregnant. The best way to do this is to get to the airport EARLY and ask. If they don’t sell them, they’ll give them away to the frequent flyers. If this means her sitting without you, fine, both bring books. The seats are way bigger, way more legroom and you get far fewer passengers to stewardess. And the stewardesses make sure you are happy.

Its probably good to find out how much to do this now…if its cheap, go for it.