Any Trump supporters here?

Can’t seem to find any IRL. Is there anyone here who’s willing to admit it?

I would sooner admit to being an athletic supporter.

Being either one would leave a bad taste in your mouth.

I won’t vote for Trump or any other major party candidate. I don’t want him to become President. I do hope that he stays in the race for a good long time, however. The reason being that he runs his mouth freely and doesn’t bother with the cliches, the focus groups, the political correctness, the kissing up to big-money interests, or all the groan-inducing pretenses that we have to put up with from other politicians. By doing so, he makes other politicians get serious and take actual positions, rather than just reading off endless pablum written by their advisors. He’s already having this effect on the other Republicans, and I halfway hope that he gets the nomination so he can have that same effect on Hillary.

This is where I am. I can’t say I’m a full supporter of Trump, or even rely close, butI’m not a Trump hater either. I think that is as close as you’ll get on this board based on the Trump threads Ive seen.

With the information available to date, if Trump wins the Republican nomination, I will vote for him in November 2016.

One of his most emetic pretenses is that the bible is his favorite book. Other than that, the birther-in-chief (there’s another one!) is a fabulous, amazing person…whom I don’t support. But it’s good to see him out there, giving voice to the very base.

I would love to be a Trump supporter. Trouble is that he’s been too offensive in trying to appeal to the disaffected right wing voters. I think he’s disingenuous about some of his stated views, but he’s gone too far anyway. I think he’s right that we don’t have competent people in government, and several other things, but he’s the wrong person even when he has the right message.

Although…he can’t actually name a verse or a book of the Bible when he’s pressed. But this is because he’s a moron.

I am a proud strategic Trump supporter. The better he does in the primaries, the greater the benefit for the Democratic Party and American liberalism.

I LOL at the people who accuse Obama of being the “most divisive” in history then go to a Trump rally where they foam at the mouth about Muslims, immigrants, and refugees.

I “support” Trump in the sense that him winning the Republican nomination would almost certainly guarantee that a Democrat wins. It may even ensure that Bernie Sanders would win. I would be ecstatic if that happened.

Even if Trump wins the Presidency, I think the backlash against him would be so great that it would usher in a new era of progressivism that we haven’t seen since FDR.

I feel that way myself, and I happen to be Christian.

If it’s his favorite book, why doesn’t he ever quote anything from it?

To quote it he would need to read it.

He said it was his favorite book, not his favorite book he’s ever read. Purely strategic.

It looks great on the shelf and on the coffee table. Leather binding. Gilt edged. His copy is very classy. And huge. Very huge and very classy.

And he’s not about to read it because - well, Bobby Jindal already nailed it - that one time he was right that day…

Actually he has a large collection of bibles, many of them sent in over the years by his fans: he is of vigorous Wee-Free stock — the people on the Islands whom other Calvinists consider far too extreme.

As to not quoting it, he may prefer not to wear his heart on a sleeve, or not to drag his personal religion into politics, who can say ? Also it’s very boring.
I fully support him. Amerika is in line for it’s own apocalypse.

Trump — Romney 2016 !

You don’t know what “emetic” means, do you?

Well, you’ll find a lot of Democrats rooting for him to get the Pub nomination, if that counts . . .

And he’s just the man to give it to us! :slight_smile: