Any Truth to This Story about John Kerry and Pres Bush?

I just read this little story and was curious if there was any truth to it:


Seems rather obviously to be a made up story to illustrate a point.

Would you mind telling us where you read this story?
edited to add: Because I can’t seem to find it on the net.

It is another right wing fabrication. Neither event happened.

Hannity message board.

So is the consensus that the story is completely made up?

It reeks of something that belongs on Snopes.

Is there some sort of office at republican party headquarters responsible for maintaining the circulation of ridiculous and completely fictional chain emails?

To me, the most likely outcome of someone asking if they could borrow $100 from a voter is that they’d be told they didn’t have it. And wouldn’t that be a great opening line for making a political point?
I couldn’t see either politician even asking the question.

A better tack would’ve been to give the guy $100, then assure them that they’d be able to keep it.

That’s my take on it, yes.

I think the consensus is that anonymous and obviously made up slander doesn’t really belong in Great Debates in the first place.

Do you really think it’s even possible that a Democratic Presidential nominee would do something that moronic, or that even if he did, the media wouldn’t have been all over it?

Not only is the story compltely fabricated, but so is the characteristic that it’s trying to critcize. It reflects absolutely no poltical, philosophical or ideological position ever propounded by Kerry. I sometimes wonder if the idiots who make these kind of email forwards up are aware that bearing false witness is prohibited in the Ten Commandments.

Well, I don’t know, does Hannity actually vouch for this story? Given his spotless reputation for strict candor, and stuff.

But this story does make a valid point.

It illustrates how some conservative beliefs are based on invented fantasies presented as truth.

And thank you for reprinting the story here-it can now be found via Google.

And it’s the first thing that shows up! At least now it won’t get asked in GQ…

Now that you mention it, yes. (Though not actually an office in the party HQ.)

This isn’t BBQ Pit so I apologize if I’m rude, but …

I’m curious whether any Doper reading this would have had the slightest suspicion that any other Doper could possibly have imagined that there was any truth in it whatsoever.

A lovely little bit of rightwing smear. I especially like:

Those evil, stupid liberals.

I don;t think that the belief that liberals are more fond of redistributive government than conservatives is “based” on this story as much as the story is an illustration of it.

I seem to remember a certain amount of talk after the National Guard memos had been shown to be forged, that even though this particular story was false, it was still important because Bush was a deserter or AWOL or somesuch. Perhaps this story could be considered in the same light.


Some people fall for anything. Dopers have expressed a belief that Bush had started drinking again, that the Bushes were getting divorced, that there was election fraud in Ohio in 2004, and that Bush was going to cancel the elections.

I grant you that it would have to be an anti-Bush story to trigger that level of gullibility, but I suppose it could happen on the other side as well.


President Bush and Senator Kerry were in the same place on Columbus Day, 2004. However, it was not Columbus Ohio – it was New Mexico: Given that small detail is wrong, why should we trust anything else?