Any UK groups opposed to decimalised currency?

I use the British English spelling for “decimalized”, because it seems appropriate in this thread.

Considering the eccentricity of Brits in general, it seems likely that there is a very active group somewhere that, to this day, opposes the decimalisation of UK currency; that they’re lobbying for the return of shillings, old pence, guineas, farthings, groats, florins, angels, nobles, unites, ryals, leopards, spurs, laurels, sovereigns, crowns, roses, helms, broads and bawbees.

Well … is there such a group?

Bet you a mark to a farthing there are! (Though I’d suspect they would prefer reverting to the £.s.d. before decimalisation, not to the rose-noble and groat of Edward III et al.

No, not that I know of, though there defintely were back in 1971 when the UK was decimalised. Perhaps there’s the odd person who pines for the ‘Good Old Days’ when ‘half of the globe was pink’ (the colour used to denote the British Empire on maps), but in general people who are old enough to remeber the old system think that the new one is much better.

Though I’ve just found this rather odd website from the ‘Dozenal Society of Great Britain’ which includes articles lifted from pre-decimalization days which are against decimalization:

I’m not aware of any groups but on a related note, I do seem to recall someone (perhaps in Newcastle) being convicted last year for not using metric measurements on his market (fruit and veg) stall.

Seems it’s an offence to use pounds and ounces.

Dozenal? A rationalised base-twelve metric system was featured in the H G Wells story “When The Sleeper Wakes”. The key was to get people using base-twekve math instead of base-ten, so that a metric system could be introduced that would work the same way as ours, but it would also have the divisibility advantages of the old British currencly.

An interesting historical path that was never taken.

Any UK groups opposed to decimalised currency?

Yes, hundreds.
Just kidding.

Orthinology (n) - the science of word-botching

My dad tells me that there were people who were vehemently opposed to it at the time, and they were collectively known as “old people”. These “old people” also exist in other countries - notably Portugal, where according to some reports they hadn’t even got used to the escudo when the euro came in.

Why oh why didn’t they just wait untill all the old people had died before introducing the new currency?


There seems to be more than one, dubbed ‘metric martyrs’ by their.supporters

The BBC have given coverage to a Sunderland trader who sold bananas in pounds and ounces, rather than kilos,
here, and here. Also the Guardian had an article, about the case. I think the issue is that you can’t sell just in pounds and ounces, you have to have scales in metric as well, if you have imperial scales. I don’t know much about the cases though, so I may be wrong here.