Any unexplored areas left on earth?

Three years later and it’s on Google Street View :slight_smile:

(Yeah, I know, lots of it is still virgin forest.)

Tekeli Li!

I wonder if there are even unexplored areas of the lower 48 … such as in northern Idaho.

To me, “unexplored” means not seen by someone with boots on ground or on wheels.

I do agree its unlikely we are going to find any more mappable rivers, mountains or rock formations in Australia, however, surely the amount of “unexplored” Australian territory is, by my definition, at least total the size of one American state, maybe if its not Texas.

This is country the size of the United States that is mostly savannah or desert with the same population of the United States in 1849. I get we have planes, trains, SUVs, but I think a lot of people underestimate the vastness and remoteness of most of this country.

If you were to superimpose a road map of the continental United States over that of equally sized Australia, you’d call the doctor because the US map would look like it was dying of a most severe case of varicose veins.

From the ‘inaccessible’ Andros Island website: