Any UNT Student or Alumnus Dopers here?

Alumni: Have you heard about this?

Students: What the hell?

I lived one block away from Fry street for the first year of my marriage. I delivered pizzas for the Flying Tomato. The first and only time I smoked pot with strangers* was an event instigated by a conversation had in the front door of Karma Cafe. I had my first (and only) scary all razor haircut at University Barber Shop. I played Galaga for hours and hours at Rick’s place.

Well, it’s all going away now. :frowning:

Anyone there right now? Do you know if the business owners are completely screwed, or only mostly screwed? In other words, have they been able to find new locations?


*The only other time was on my 16th birthday with friends.

Not a UNT student or alumnus, but I visit a friend in Denton a few times a year, and sometimes visit Fry Street. I thought that the petitions were pretty futile, but this article seems to indicate that there might still be a chance to save Fry Street. (There’s a few older articles on the Denton Record Chronicle about the Fry Street troubles if you search the website).

I don’t know how many places are moving or hoping to fight or shutting down or what. I know that Mr. Chopsticks has already moved to a new place since the old location was demolished, and that Cool Beans is now in just half of the space it used to be in.