Any update on Merhan Nasseri ?

… You know, Sir Alfred, the guy stuck at charles de Gaulle Airport for 12 years.

There was a flurry of news in August 1999 that (having recently done a web search) looked very incestuous. Cecil hit all the important stuff with the August 1999 column and updated it for September 1999.

But what’s happened since then!?

Er, any updates besides this article:

Which I neglected to include in the first post.

p.s. The message board did not let me modify the original post.

Welcome to the SDMB AColbeck! I e-mailed the author of the article to which you provided a link, and also the person filming the documentary whose e-mail address was provided in the article. If I hear anything back I’ll post it here.

As far as modifying the original post, that feature is disabled at the SDMB.

Yet more proof, if any was needed, at the sometimes remarkably different “take” on life exhibited by Americans and Europeans. I read the column and thought, “Gee, what a goofy red tape snafu, poor guy.” Evidently Europeans heard the story and thought, “Ah, those bastard immigration authorities, discriminating against this poor refugee.”

And so now somebody’s making a movie out of him, slanting it towards the “international symbol in the 1990s of Europe’s hardline stance against immigrants” aspect? Well, huh. I think we’re talking Sundance–if they’re lucky.

And that was last October.

Doing Google searches, looking for the movie:

“Holy Cow Productions”–none of them sounds like a film production company.

“Paul Hugo”–no hits.

“Gavin Emerson”–lots of hits, all to do with Ratcatcher, no mention of a new documentary on Mr. Alfred.

I’d say the project is stalled out somewhere, so the answer to your request for news is basically, “There is no news.”