Any use to do your taxes? Did it seem OK?

A friend told me about this, it’s free software to do your taxes and print out, and I think 8 bucks to e-File.

Were you happy with it? Did it seem OK? I’m wary of free stuff with only one person recommending it…

We used it, and it did indeed seem OK. Most of the people that my husband works with have used it in the past, and were satisfied enough to use it again.

Our taxes are pretty straightforward, no Sched. C, one income, no self employment or unearned income. Back when we were both partners in seperate LLC’s and had various other forms of self-employment and unearned income I would never have considered it.

I’ve used it the past two years, and it seems ok to me. My taxes are very simple.

I’ve used it the past 2 years and I love it. No software to download, it’s all done online. My taxes are only moderately complex, in that I own a house so I itemize, but I don’t have any other major investments or funky things going on. I think that they’re pretty comprehensive in asking you all of the permutations of what you might need/want to report, though, so don’t be deterred if you have things like depreciation on investment property, rental income, etc. to report…it’s all there.

I filed my taxes on January 18th and had my refund in my account on January 30th. Can’t beat that with a stick. :smiley:

I have used taxact for the last two years and it’s great! It is free to do your federal return, save a copy, print, and e-file. There is a small fee for state filing and back-ups. I have referred it to my closest friends, some itemize, and some filed EZ. But it is free to file your federal taxes!

I use it. It’s good. I have a hard time saying it is better than anything else, but you should try it.

Works good. Got the money back in like 12 days.

I used to, last year, the UI annoyed me exactly enough to find another option. But that was more of a personal preference thing.

I’ve used in the past and it’s worked well enough. This year though I couldn’t figure out how to use it for my state returns, which are slightly complicated since I live in MA but work in RI. Taxact seemed to mangle the RI nonresident form. I ended up going with HR Block.

I’ve used it for the past at least 4 years. I originally attempted to use Turbo Tax online but they wouldn’t let me e-file because their software refused to accept my zip code as valid.

TaxAct did not have that problem and the return amount was exactly the same as Turbo Tax, so I took a chance that first year and have been happy every year since.

I like that they email you (and text if you want) when the return is accepted.

I do mine and my uncle’s taxes on TaxAct. It’s about $20 if you want to do State and Federal simultaneously. I think it’s $20 well spent.

Yeah, I’ve used it the last five years. Nice service, quick and easy.

I switched to TaxAct Deluxe ($20 download Fed +State) from the H&R Block software a couple years ago because it’s cheaper and also prepares a FAFSA worksheet. This is used to help complete my son’s college aid applications, and although the worksheet for us doesn’t contain that much useful informaiton, I still like TaxAct and the price is pretty good.

Pretty good access to help information and the IRS form directions, which has been very necessary for me with getting all the college costs/529 caontributions & withdrawals/aid stuff straight.

I’ve used the downloaded version for about six years now. Very good. I do my state return manually, but that’s just copying the numbers from the Federal return.

I’ve used it online for several years, and done what RealityChuck does - copied the requisite information from the Fed form to file an online state return. It works fine, as far as I can tell, but I don’t have a hugely complicated financial life.

Used it last year, it was okay. This year it was horrible. Bugs you every two screens to sell some shit or another. It won’t copy over ANY information from the previous year (even name and address) without paying them $10 or some such. The interface is crappy, it is a labor just to find a preview of each form. I could not figure out how to make the education forms work right; it makes too many assumptions. I suppose if you are going in blind, it might be okay, but if you know anything about taxes, it is too crippled.

So, anyone have any recommendations for free file websites? I don’t pay state taxes so completely free is nice.

I like TurboTax. I’ve never used tax act so I can’t speak to that. But I’ve used turbo for the last few years and they’re very good about saving copies of your old return, and the UI is great.

I always file the EZ form online, since I rent, have one income, and don’t make a whole lot of money.