Any VA benefits for US Military Reservisits?

Hopfully this is an easy answer. My google-fu is failing miserably in the face of confusing military jargon (IANAV :confused:)

This actually came up in a discussion with my wife. Her dad served the in US Army Reserve for 12 years, though no activation that I am aware of. She says that even though he’s pushing 65 now he can’t even at least buy-in to VA medical benefits.

I tried finding out what benefits, if any, might be available to him but I honestly can’t make any sense of the 5 pages of Google results and military websites. I suspect it may be in part I’m not very clear on what the various classifications of reservists there are.

I was hoping that someone on the Dope may have some experience, or knowledge in the area. In lieu of that, maybe could point in a direction of knowledge.

My father was in the Reserves for many years and never activated. He gets nothing.

Does this help?

From “A Summary of VA Benefits for National Guard and Reserve Personnel”:

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So I suppose some inquiry would be required, but it looks like active duty is necessary for full benefits. Just contact your local VA and they should be able to specify what benefits are available(the linked document doesn’t).

I’m a veteran, and my wife actually works for the VA (and is also a veteran).

Anyway, here is a summary of VA benefits for veterans:

Here are some fact sheets by category:

In general, you have to have served on active duty, or were a reservist or National Guard member who was called to active duty, and have been honorably discharged to qualify for most benefits.

Here is a guide for VA medical benefits:

In general, honorably discharged veterans may be able to qualify for medical benefits if any of the following are true:
[li]Veteran was discharged or separated for medical reasons, early out, or hardship[/li][li]Veteran served in theater of combat operations within the past 5 years[/li][li]Veteran was discharged from the military because of a disability (not preexisting)[/li][li]Veteran was a former Prisoner of War[/li][li]Veteran received a Purple Heart Medal[/li][li]Veteran currently receives VA pension or disability benefits[/li][li]Veteran currently receives state Medicaid benefits[/li][/ul]
Here is a more detailed priority list for medical benefits:

Disability benefits are payable for injuries or illnesses that are current disabilities and were incurred while on active duty. Reservists who suffer injury or illness while in a duty status (such as during training) may also be able to put in for a disability claim.