Any veterinary neurologists in the house? (canine epilepsy)

I don’t want to write out the big OP unless I know I am communicating with someone who knows something.

I’ll just say my dog has spent a lot of time in SE over the last 24, and that’s what I want to ask about.

(She’s hospitalized right now with my reg vet, and I have to get her because they don’t do 24 hour care. Because I’m tapped I can’t transfer her to a 24 facility with a neurologist so I am going to be doing a little nursing myself seeing if a new drug combo will control her seizures and let her return to full awareness so we can figure out is she has brain damage or not)

Essentially what I’m look for is your experience with getting a dog or dogs past an extended SE episode like this, seizures tolerably controlled with a drug combo and no terrible brain damage.