Any wars by countries where the head of state was a mother?

As it says.

Israel - Golda Mier

India - Indira Ghandi

England - Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria comes to mind, also Catherine the Great, IIRC fought a couple of wars against the Turks and added much land to the Russian empire. Those are two just off the top of my head.

Catherine de Medici was officially a regent, but really running much of France during a whole lot of civil war and religious violence.

Queen Victoria was at least the nominal head of Great Briton and they were constantly killing off folks all over the world during her reign.

Cleopatra also comes to mind.
Also, do you want to count countries headed by a mother who defend themselves when attacked? I’m thinking from the context of your question that you are looking for aggressive mothers.

You could make the argument that Hitler was a mother.

I’d like to hear this one. :rolleyes:

I, too would like to hear about Hitler.
And any type of war is ok.

For Hitler, mother is only half a word. It is offered in the spirit of a jest, or joke.

Margaret Thatcher - Falklands War.

What’s-Her-Name from Pakistan. Wasn’t she embroiled with India a time or two?

Maybe the question should be; how many mothers who are leaders of countries have not been in a war?

Mothers as head of state are somethng of a minority. Perhaps their apparant peaceful nature is more due to lack of opportunity than some inner goodness.

Indira Ghandi was Prime Minister of India. Did Pakistan have a female PM too?!?

Benazir Bhutto was the P.M. of Pakistan.


Let’s not forget Isabella, Queen of Castile during the conquest of Granada and the beginning of the conquest of the New World.

Wouldn’t it be Queen Elizabeth II that was head of state?

Boadiccea comes to mind…and she was pretty “hands on” when it came to warfare too, as I recall.

Tzu-Hsi: The dragon empress of china

Some of the asian empresses… man, genocide is an understatement. ^^;;

Queen Isabella of Aragon (her youngest daughter married Henry VIII) , Emperess Maria Teresa of Austria,(Her daughter was Marie Antoniette)

I would think the OP meant head of state in a political sense where the title holder has real power rather than HM’s largely ceremonial role.
MT was certainly the person with the final say in the decision to go to war.

Queen Anne (although none of her children survived long).