Any way an irrevocable trust could evade RICO seizure?

Say that due to my lack of visible means of support, I’m concerned that someday the federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act will be used to [del]nail[/del] unfairly persecute me. Is there any way, assuming I don’t become a guest of Club Fed, that I could set up a trust to provide me with some sort of unseizable, ungarnisheeable income? Or are the laws set up to prevent that sort of thing?

Even if they couldn’t seize the trust fund, I don’t see why they couldn’t seize any payment the trust fund made to you. I’d think the trust would have to do something like own a house and let you live there rent-free. And I’m not sure that would work either.

You are basically trying to set up a trust fund as a piggy bank where you get to decide what it hands out to you, and stops the payments if they are laible to be seized.

My gut tells me (IANAL) that if someone had found a way to do this, the government has found a law to make the money seizable. The government is not stupid, they’ve seen every trick that fancy lawyers can dream up to avoid them, and they have a way to get you.

I suppose if it was all off-shore and the trust sent you a credit card that they paid if he transaction was valid and authorized by you.

Florida law prevents the creditors from seizing your personal dwelling in bankruptcy, which is why guys like OJ liked to live in expensive Florida mansions; but I bet it’s not immune from RICO seizure…