Any way for an American to WATCH World Cup online?

Hey all,

I’m sitting here at work (shhhh) and wanted to pop up the World Cup games in the background to enjoy during the day. I had been given a link by a co-worker to a Brazilian site, but that seems to no longer work.

Is there a legal, preferably free (but would pay a small charge) way to watch these games through some sort of streaming media online?

I’d like to find this out as well, haven’t come up with anything yet on my own though.

This is a good start.

ESPN 360. Pick a game.

Unfortunately I think it’s Internet Explorer only.

This is awesome. THANKS!

Always happy to help fellow yanks get into the World Cup craze. It’s pretty damn exciting this year.

If you can download and install programs, you can use TUVplayer, which will give you access to ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, and a bunch of other (foreign stations). Details here. This is what I use at home, watching fullscreen on my media center PC connected to the TV. Can’t install stuff at work, so I there I use the ESPN360 player.

This is fantastic. Thanks!

I’m a Yank, rarely wtch futbol, and even I know the USA team should never have been ranked #5!

Unfortunately, ESPN360 only works with some ISPs (I’m guessing because they have to have a dedicated local cache). Any other ways?

Did you try the TUVplayer I linked to above?

Oh and also for the ESPN360, are you using Internet Explorer (ugh!)? It doesn’t work with Firefox.

I’d be suprised if it doesn’t work for you iamthewalrus(:3=. My confidence comes from the fact that I, too, am in Santa Barbara! Cox cable internet?

Go to and click on watch tv then click on one of the countries and finally click on the underlined (hyperlinked) numbers to watch the live stream. Of course, you’ll want to do this for one of the stations listed only when it’s actually showing the matches. I keep getting to the local Internet Cafe to watch it on the streams from MBC who (apparently) has the broadcasting rights here to the matches.

Whoops! Make that