Any way to block a specific script in Firefox?

Auto-refresh is driving me nuts. I first tried RefreshBlocker, but that only works on META tags and is ineffective against pages that auto-refresh using Java. I also tried NoScript, but that’s a gigantic PITA, since about 99% of web pages use some kind of Java, it appears, and kind of killing a gnat with a bazooka, since really all I want is to stop the damn Washington Post from reloading itself in the background (I could just close that tab when I’m not actively reading it, but I like to go back and manually refresh every so often, and darn it all, it’s my browser and I should be able to use it the way I want). What I really want is something like NoScript that functions as a blacklist rather than having to whitelist every site that I want to allow. Is there such an extension, a Greasemonkey script, anything?

If you don’t want Java, tell Firefox not to load the Java plugin.

I don’t want to disable Java altogether. Like I said in the OP, a great number of sites need it in order to display properly, and I’m fine with in in the majority of cases, I just want to be able to disable it for specific sites.

Fortunately, a friend just clued me in to YesScript, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I think the site refreshes with JavaScript, not Java. Specifically, the home page loads a script

<script src=""></script>

which adds META refresh tags to the source, perhaps after RefreshBlocker tries to strip them out. I think it should work to add this URL to an AdBlockPlus filter, but I haven’t tried this.

[On preview, I see you’ve found a solution. This will kill all of the JavaScript on the page, which is actually probably a good thing for most media sites but might make some features stop working.]

A good way to be more selctive, and even creative, with Javascript in Firefox is to install the Greasemonkey extension. You can then add scripts that will do a variety of things.

Here’s a link to a script that claims to prevent all pages from auto refreshing. Here’s another. I haven’t used either of them, but they might be worth a try.

Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. The OP talked exclusively about Java in her post, saying nary a word about Javascript. The fact Java and Javascript are about as alike as chalk and cheese is a cross we all must bear.

Ah, yes, but how much true Java is run in a browser?

When a non-technical person refers to automation issues in their browser, the term “java” can/should be thought of by us techies as a moniker for “javascript”.

Those folks also think they have a DSL modem. All courtesy of marketing departments.

The essence of good tech support is to understand the question the person would really ask if they knew enough to ask it correctly, and then answer that one whlie translating the results back to their level of expertise.

Thank you, LSLGuy. Not being any kind of programmer, I’d had no occasion to learn that despite the similarities between the two names the terms do not refer to the same thing. My ignorance is hardly an excuse to be snotty, and I appreciate those who understood what I was actually asking and answered my question.