Any way to convert PDF file *into* Word 2003 or 2007?

I have a PDF document that is not a scanned image, but a Word 2003 document converted to PDF using PDF Creator, a freeware program that lets you do this conversion. I have lost the original Word file, but still have the PDF. I know I can just copy/paste and reformat, but is there a program that lets one import into Word and keep (most of) the formatting?

I tried Googling “convert pdf into Word 2003” and I’m not finding much straight information. On a Ubuntu site, there was mention of something called K-Word, but I couldn’t figure out if it would work on XP, which I have.

Have a look at Nitro PDF Professional

This website will do it for you.

If the free site does not work for you…

I used Able2Extract for a while, until it failed on some pdf’s, now I am using
Nuance PDF Professional. Nuance product is about $50 vs Adobe Acrobat at $299.

I signed up for Nitro PDF Professional the day they had a one day free offer. I’ve been converting pdf to Word files. It works great. It’s usable as a 14 day trial if you want to download it.

Wow, perfect! Thanks!