Any way to get out of this? - work request (Need answer fast)

Get a 24 hour stomach ‘bug’ and don’t go to the party.

The company should pay for the disposable cameras just like they are paying for the rest of the party. It sounds like they must have a decent budget already, so a few disposable cameras shouldn’t be out of line.

As Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts, ma’am.”
Wasn’t my idea & I’m not paying for it. I think it’s kinda bizarre for an employee-only party but I’m just a guest (or at least I was just a guest until I got promoted to wedding photographer.)


::snerk:: Oh, now that’s funny!
(Understand my snark isn’t directed at you.)

Contractor. Gotta play nice if you want to convert to FT, though, which probably means not billing for that time either. After all, it’s just a ‘favor’.

Will tell you after the party. Though I’ve seen them where the camera is set on a tripod & hooked to a dedicated printer. I don’t know who the vendor is nor how mobile the camera is.

They’ve seen my work. My second monitor/wallpaper is my work, I have a wall calendar that is my work. The millennial admin/office manager helped me choose finalists for a photo contest.
I’m too good of a photographer & too proud of my work to sabotage it that badly.

No it wasn’t; just showing that a blurry face isn’t necessarily a bad shot. The photo is in focus, blurry, & showing action all at the same time; I doubt one could do that with a cellphone camera…& thanks!

Which do you want more? To have fun at the party or become a FT employee? If you want to become FT, then you should eagerly take on the job of event photographer to demonstrate your willingness to be a team player. It’s not a guaranteed way to be FT, but it will make you stand out and be memorable if they are looking to hire someone. It might be just the thing that gives you the edge over another contractor.

My flip answer is, “Unionize the contract workers!”, but obviously ain’t gonna work here. But just as obviously this is the kind of thing that a union would be helpful for, because management wouldn’t make requests like this if there’d be pushback.

But no union, you play the cards you’re dealt. Me, I’d grumble about the lack of a union and then go take the pictures. I wouldn’t lie about my camera breaking or anything, I’d just take a couple dozen pictures, make sure I got some shots from the person who asked me to take the pictures, then go lock up my camera somewhere.

And join a union.

Think of it this way; perhaps you’ll be able to capture management in embarassing or compromising positions and can then use those photos in your next negotiation.

Say you will be glad to do it, then send corporate pictures of a naked, drunken orgy. I am lead to believe that one can find such pictures on the internet.

Heh, do photography for the exposure. I see what you did there… :smiley:

“Bring me some pictures of Peter Parker!”

My experience is that most companies asking for employees to go above and beyond is never repaid. They view it as free labor/services.

Thought of a better one: “Accidentally” break one of your hands??

It’ll take me much more time but maybe I could go in & watermark every picture that I take.

Yeah, definitely companies take advantage of employees all they can. But that doesn’t mean that this service will go unnoticed. If the company can only convert one contractor to FT, then anything a contractor can do to stand out will help. If Spiderman and Superman are both equally qualified, the company will need to turn to less concrete characteristics to make a decision. Which one is better liked? Which one is easier to work with? etc. Even if he doesn’t get hired, it might get reflected in reviews the company gives back to the contracting company, which may mean he gets placed in more contracts. It may not matter at all in the end either way, but if Spiderman is really angling for a FT job, then it can be something that tilts the scales just a little bit in his favor.

Tell your boss that photography is your hobby and you’d like to leave it to pros who can do a better job. Play up how much better the pros work will be appreciated by the big bosses.

I’m not saying the OP has done this, but a lot of amateurs like to show off their work and act like they’re as good as the pros. 9/10 times they’re not. Over at a video forum I frequent, a lot of amateur video buffs get called on their abilities and get wrangled into doing a job free or worse are expected to do it as part of their job, only to be overwhelmed with the expectations.

I think the idea of being willing, but only taking casual, “action” shots, is the best one. Only do that occasionally, as you walk around. Don’t put any effort into the perfect shot. I also think you can stop after things really get going. I gather this is supposed to capture the “live” action?

Sorry you got roped into this. I don’t see a graceful exit.

Maybe your experience in business is different than mine but I’ve gone above and beyond unpaid many times for the same reasons you listed and got screwed over EVERY SINGLE TIME.

(I suppose the event happened yesterday, but here are my thoughts anyway)

I was once asked by a close friend to help her do some product shots for a business she and a friend were starting. I am a serious studio photographer (multi-light setups, backdrops, radio triggers, and the like), and I knew I could do a proper job of it if I put my shoulder into it.

The problem was, her friend turned out to be some snotty arrogant person in Manhattan who had all kinds of attitude. I did a few sample shots, and she started nitpicking before I had even did any postprocessing, so crucial to product shots.

It was at that point that I explained to her that I am a portrait photographer and I just didn’t have the specific skill set needed for the kind of photographs she was looking for. I said she should hire a professional in the trade, who will have a complete color balanced workflow, who will know the nuances of preparing the products and getting the right lighting setup and so on and so on…and by the way, you ought to be able to find one easily in the city, and it won’t be cheap.

The point was, I didn’t want to do that work, not for her. So I pointed out my own specialization (portraiture) as a negative, as it wasn’t a match for her needs.
In your case, I would go on about how sports photography is too different from event photography and that I wouldn’t be able to do it justice, so I regretfully decline.

Yeah, but do THEY know that?

Tell 'em your camera bag got stolen last time you were at _______ with the gear. :dubious:

…and hope they don’t say, "Well, just borrow ______'s camera. It’s the same model as yours was. :smack:


Spidey - what happened?

I hope he snapped a pic of the CEO and the HR intern in a “special” moment and is up a Vice-Presidency with a huge sign-up bonus now! :smiley:

Did you put the disposable cameras on tables? The last half of every roll of film will be close-ups of random guys’ balls.