Any way to make the Shift key on a computer behave like it does on some phones?

On certain on-screen keyboards on phones and tablets, the Shift key works thus: you tap the key, and then the next character you type is shifted, and then Shift is released. That is, you don’t have to hold down the Shift key. It’s like a Caps Lock that cancels itself after one letter.

So are there any tools or hacks to get the same behaviour on a Windows PC? I’ve thought of maybe doing an AutoHotkey script, but it looks like quite a bit of work, and I hate writing AHK scripts anyway.

one option is to turn on sticky keys under ease of access. it affects all combination keys though, such that you press them in order instead of together.

Thanks. I totally forgot about Sticky Keys. With a bit of tweaking it does seem to do roughly what I want, because the normal press-and-hold action of the combination keys still works as expected, and if you do that they don’t “stick”.