Any way to stop spammers putting my email domain in their return addresses?

I’ve started getting a torrent of “Undeliverable” messages from servers for e-mails that I obviously didn’t send. I don’t have a virus sending the emails or anything like that - I have no email client configured to send using the accounts and looking at the returned messages, they are all pretty much “” and the message bodies are typical spam one-liners, like “want a bigger j0hns0n? go to!”

Since they’re not actually sending this crap from my POP server, I’m thinking there’s no way to stop them from using my domain in their spoofed return addresses. I’d love to hear otherwise, though.

Nope. No way to prevent it.

At least, no way to do it without a ton of money and effort. You may be able to find the spammer and get an injunction, but that means some serious research plus legal fees.

Ah well.

Guess I’ll have to stop being lazy and create actual aliases instead of using my account as a catch-all.

There’s no technically reliable way to stop anyone to place any reply address to an email. My solution is to use a decent spam filter to ignore useless email. I can’t make my email address private because I rely on it for business reasons. My spam box currently has 32881 messages and my reasonably spam-free Inbox has 2658 messages. That’s excluding messages from mailing lists etc which are filed separately.

If you’re on windows K9 is a fairly good (and free) spam filter: Soft-K9

Hope this helps.

Is there any way to stop people from blocking your entire domain as a spammer?

It’s deja vu all over again!

Evidently there’s nothing you can do about it.

Thats hard, too. Many realtime blocklists automatically block dynamic IP addresses, and people caught up in JoeJobs (forged return addresses) get splatted pretty often, too.

You need to figure out who is blocking you and approach the list administrator. Every time it happens. It turns into a lot of work.

I use the DynDNS Outbound Mailhop service - costs me a few quid each year, but I can route all my outgoing SMTP via an authenticated and generally trusted SMTP server that should not end up on any blocklists - works pretty well for me.


I asked my domain host to only accept my one email address, and not anything@mydomain, and it cut my spam by 90% immediately.

It’s managed to rebuild back up to those levels since then, but it’d be horrendously worse if I hadn’t done it.