Any wealthy Dopers?

Not that I’m asking for Line 42 of your 1040s or anything, but I’m curious… it seems that most of the discussion of jobs and finances reveals the average doper to be solidly working class.

I’m just curious about whether we have any really wealthy Dopers, depending on how one defines wealthy. And if they are independently so, or just wealthy because they make a big fat salary at their high-stress, time-sucking jobs (attorneys and doctors spring to mind)

Perhaps it is a feature of message boards that they are unlikely to attract very wealthy people because very wealthy people tend to be very busy… I dunno.


Who is working on becoming wealthy, but I’ll still love y’all anyway.

What would be your definition of wealthy? For me, anybody who makes over $250,000 per year would be considered wealthy. My hubby, however, wouldn’t consider a person to be wealthy unless they were making at least a million per year.

I really have nothing else to add to this thread, as I am definitely not in the wealthy category. However, if you are in the wealthy category, would you consider adopting a slightly used 31-year-old mother of four who doesn’t cook or clean, but knows of other ways to show her gratitude (wink, wink)?

At least give us an annual range, $ in a hidden Swiss Bank account or a tax bracket to work with.

Slightly used mother of four?

Nitpick, but the number on your 1040, and your wealth are two different things. Velocity versus Position for math types.

I’m a paycheck to paycheck kind of guy myself. I don’t have togo without much either. I have a beatiful wife and healthy children. So you decide.:wink:

Well, numbers can be deceiving. Depend on where you live, what the nature of your expenses are, etc.

Let’s say this:

Own a home worth $500k or more in most places, $1 million or more in NYC or LA. Annual income of $400k most places, $800k in NYC or LA. (I’m sure some other cities are on a par with NY and LA, I just don’t know what they are.)



bounces in I’m fabulously wealthy! I just made pots of money on translations! I’ll be able to afford that cool earring I wanted and at least four month’s expenses! Maybe even some new clothes!

stops bouncing

[sub]…my mom says i’m cool…[/sub]

I don’t know about other folks, but if I made that kind of cash, I’d be tooling around the Bahamas, not the SDMB!

I’m not wealthy… but I’m working to rectify that situation! Astrogirl is pretty high-maintenance…[sup]but worth it![/sup]

I’m pretty sure someone here is, though. I seem to recall reading a thread that mentioned that someone was independently wealthy… can’t remember who it was, though…

Not wealthy, but I considered myself upper-middle-class back when my wife was still working two jobs - with my bonuses and stock options included we were making somewhere around $95-$100K a year. Not bad for the DFW area, where you can still find a 3BR apartment in a decent area for under $1000 a month. Now she’s going back to school, and we are back to plain-old-middle-class.

Well, we do own a yacht*… but no way are we even close to wealthy. We’ve just got great credit so we can get neat stuff for low, low monthly payments!! We have gotten to the stage where we actually have a savings account, but there’s the matter of a kid to get thru college. Nope, not wealthy - just doing OK.

*[sub]It’s a 26 year-old motor-sailer - technically, it fits the definition of a yacht.

I’m the rich, and I’m not like you or me (wait…that didn’t work!)

I have a money bin filled with 40 cubic feet of money, I have barrels of diamonds, rubies and emeralds. I love to swim around in my money. I can burrow through it like a gopher, dive into it like a porpoise, and I love to toss it up and let it hit me on the head. I also own a mansion and a yacht.


I’m lying. Did you guess? :wink:

Middle-Class or so. Home, savings accout, car. That sort of thing.


I’ve got rhythm.
I’ve got music.

Who could ask for anything more?

Oh wait, I have no rhythm. Man, I’ve been gypped. (No offense to the Gypsies who don’t like to be called “Gypsy” anyway. I think is Rom or Romy. But I didn’t mean to be offensive anyway.)

Not fabulously wealthy, but I do have a new refrigerator. Cold drinks anyone?

Bah! You poor people bow before me! I’m un-freakin’-believably wealthy. I make just under $600,000 a year. Oh wait I added a few too many zeros. So that’s only $6,000 a year. That sucks actually. But I can pay my rent and afford college on that so I’m ok I guess. Don’t have a car, phone, internet, cable, or anything. Shit I just realized something! I’m lowerclass and proud of my ability to save money like a mo-fo! :smiley:

Well, I don’t have that, but I’ve got my health, my family, my friends and youse guys.

Today I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world

Seriously, I am not rich and not poor. I often forget exactly how much I earn, although this year I could guess +/- 3000 and be about right. Just not terribly important to me. Which means I must be what you’d call “comfortable”, since when I was poor I definitely did notice and it mattered more. And I don’t think that most of the basics would change should my wealth status ever fluctuate drastically in either direction. (I have some wealthy relatives and you would never know it by the way they choose to live their lives. Very low key)

While not fabously weathly, Ed McMahon sent me a letter recently saying that I may be a $1,000,000 winner!

My brother, however, is rather well off. He just got back from NY wherein he purchased a yacht. Alas, I am NOT his favorite sibling.

Well, sort of. In the immortal words of Bill Cosby “My wife was a beautiful woman…until the children came.”

[Thurston Howell voice]
So we’re supposed to say we’re fabulously rich and you creepy internet people can dog-nap our precious Fluffy and hold her for ransom? Pish-posh!

I don’t know what actually qualifies as “wealthy” either. From a global perspective, I get the feeling that a $30K per capita would be relatively rich, but obviously it’s not considered so in US common parlance.

So I’m not wealthy, but I’m damn lucky by way of comparison. shrugs Money is false security anyway. I wonder how different the world would be if everyone who has always been comfortable could experience poverty, subsistence living for a year, just for perspective.

Me? I’m just a $30K per annum employee of the US Government. My sister and her husband, a doctor and a geologist for Shell Oil respectively, are pretty well off. They own what is essentially a small mansion on a 2-acre lot in east Texas. And I am one of her favoirte siblings; she covered all but $500 of the closing fees on my condo.