Any WikiMedia editors out there?

I am currently helping to create a wiki for my LARP. I have followed the instructions on this page and the infoboxes look okay, but a bit bland. I have two questions:

[li]The image and caption in Template: Infobox country don’t center. How can I center them? How can I get two images in the infobox side-by-side if the editor wants two?[/li][li]When a field is left blank, it shows the template name instead of not showing up at all. Thus, if I were to leave the “Race =” field blank, I still get “Race {{{Race}}}” showing up in the infobox. We do have parser commands enabled, I just seem to be having some issues with the IF function.[/li][/ol]

I’m a bit new to this, but learning fast, I think. Can anyone lend a hand?

For your second question: the code should look something like:

{{#if: {{{Race|}}}  |
<stuff that should only appear if {{{Race}}} is non-blank>

That pipe symbol in “{{{Race|}}}” on the first line is necessary.

Hmm…I must be doing something wrong. Per your instructions, I have:

|-Race = {{#if: {{{Race|}}} | {{{Race}}} }}

Which should access Template:Race if a value is stated for “Race=” but not appear at all if “Race =” is not used. What am I doing wrong?

Well, I would put the ‘if’ statement around the whole thing, like

{{#if: {{{Race|}}} |
|-Race = {{{Race}}} }}

otherwise you still get the part generated by the "|-Race = " even if the variable is unset.

On the other hand, if you’re still seeing “{{{Race}}}” in the output, then something else is wrong.