Any1 in US Who Has Bought Unicum?

I drank it in Hungary 11 years ago, and finally, I decide I must buy a bottle or two.

If so, could you post the URL? I like word of mouth much better than trusting some review site that could be manipulated by friends and family.

Where do they get the Unicorns?

In the US, it’s sold as “Zwack”

And, how do they harvest it? :eek:

If you can milk a cow…

And how much does it cost? (Ick)

It’s been a few years since I tried it, but Zwack Unicum is not the same as Hungarian Unicum. The Zwack version is much sweeter for the American market. Completely different drink.

How do you harvest it from the Zwack?

You just Zwack it off…

Damn, that different? Shit.

And I thought collecting sweat from a pocari was a bad job…

Zwack Unicum would be a good name for a male porn star.

You can’t make an English-language anagram using all the letters.

How about “Cum cuz I wank”?

In order to procure this substance, do you use a decoy unicorn hooker?

Man, I had some of that back in 1996. Thought it was awful, and even the Hungarians I was with admitted it’s more of a traditional drink that people drink only because it’s traditional and not so much because they like it.

I remember it tasting like a fern. The fact that I remember this, 24 years later, I find interesting.

I spent a few weeks in Budapest, and the bartender was telling me how the King had ulcers, and had his people develop something. I already had Palinka, so I wanted to try Unicum and I actually loved the taste, and I kinda stopped drinking by my 21st birthday. And since then, I seem to only drink when I’m overseas.

I found one site that sells it for $30, but the shipping is even more, but I can’t buy two to make the purchase worthwhile. The site as very unclear how long it would take to send, so I put it off. I thought of asking friends in Hungary, but I don’t think its the right time with Covid-19. And then I hear from an earlier comment that it’s very different, so I might not even like it.

No. Zwack Multicum has more prospects though.