Anybody been to Fiji?

Thinking about going there for my 25th anniversary next year.

I’d like an over-the-water bungalow, but a beachfront one would be cool too (and cheaper). Anybody done this before? If so, where would you recommend?

I haven’t stayed overnight in Fiji, but we enjoyed visits to 4 islands. If you want to so anything in addition to the beach, you may want to look at Suva. Food choices, Fiji Museum, excellent university bookstore (University of the South Pacific Press publishes/re-issues historical and current books relevant to all of the SP countries). Plus: Fruit bats, though that will be true in other locales as well.

Been to Fiji twice - both times to Taveuni. Can’t say that I know of any over-the-water bungalo places, but the island is really nice. Particularly the local Fijians: super warm and friendly.
I’ve been mostly to scuba dive (the diving around Taveuni is amazing, but a bit challenging with the current). So if you dive, I would recommend it.
(Lister dreams of moving to Fiji)


If you go, please tell the ambassador hello and thanks for us.

I was in Fiji for a few days back in the 90s. My advice to you is if you go, bring bug repellant. They have these tiny little black flies that bite. I had welts all over my legs.

We didn’t encounter bugs, so it may vary with the season.