Anybody else excited about Survivor 6 (The Amazon)???

I know…I should be ashamed of myself. I watched some of the first Survivor, and my brother-in-law got me hooked after Marquesas.

I love it now. I can’t wait for Thursday night!!!

Damned crappy UNreality TV!!!

I listen to Bob and Tom (we are The Home Of Bob and Tom here in Indy). The day that Survivor 5 was starting, they were talking to Jeff Probst (over the phone?), and they were asking if there was anything to look forward to in Thailand. His reply: “The biggest set of tits you’ve ever seen on TV.” (Or something like that.) Now I’m a woman, but I was still intrigued. My husband and his brother were thouroughly appreciative. (Especially since she lasted so long!!)

I think the men vs. women set-up should prove very interesting. What’s your opinion?


I absolutely, positively cannot wait. I’ve been counting down for weeks now. I’ll unashamedly admit that I love this show. (Although I often hate who wins it – the last 2 seasons’ winners sucked!)

Oh, come on. Brian was great as the winner. As a person, not so much, but he played the game brilliantly!

Am I excited? Hell yes! My extra income depends upon it! :smiley:

Yes, Brian was AWESOME!!! as a contestant.

OKOKOK - who hates Ghandia (for blowing all of that crap out of proportion AFTER accepting his apology) the most?!?!?!?!

Did anybody else really wanna choke Robb (“Two b’s man, two bs!!”)? Yeah, yeah, yeah he reformed and all that but GOD IN HEAVEN I FEEL SORRY FOR HIS PARENTS!!! I swear I would be embarassed if my kid turned out like that.

I have been a fan of Survivor since the beginning, but maybe it’s getting a little old for my tastes. I’m not looking forward to this one as much as I did before.

Avarie537 said:

That’d be me. After all, I put her in The Reality TV Hall of Shame. (I didn’t write the article because Peggy, the person who did, was even madder than I was! :smiley: )

Hey, I never said Brian wasn’t good at the game – I said I hated him. And one of the things I like about watching these types of shows is seeing the person (or people) I’m rooting for actually end up winning. When you hate a contestant, no matter how well they play the game, if they win, it’s a huge disappointment.

And yeah, Ghandia was a bitch, whom I also hated (and wanted to slap silly!).

Brian made for a really enjoyable previous season. I was absolutely rooting for him, because he was clearly there to play the game. Everyone else I know was rooting for him to lose.

I worry that after a virtuoso performance like that, that we will be subjected to a winner that sort of stumbles into it and is boring.

That said, I’ll guess that Heidi wins. No reason other than I can actually remember her name right now.

I’m looking forward to it.
I like the twist of men vs. women. That should be interesting.

Do you think it will stay divided M vs. F until the merge, or will there be a forced swap (Africa) or chance to switch teams (Thailand) after a few weeks?

I’ll watch it, but I’m not slavering at the chance. I’m a closet reality TV show junkie. No one I know IRL knows, and I’d deny it to their faces, but I watch them all. Cecil help me, I even starting watching American Idol this time around! But I can quit whenever I want. It’s just something I do to unwind when I get home from work. twitch

I hope they keep them divided until they get down to at least 10 like they’ve done before. It will make for more time to build some strong gender alliances.
I don’t want to see a forced swap this time around.

For people used to the generally mild climate of the US, the rainforest is hell on earth. The heat! The humidity! The flesh-burrowing worms! As much as I like to watch documentaries on the rainforest, I’d never want to go there. These people are going to get much more than they bargained for in terms of sheer misery.

wouldnt some place cold add a bit to the show? i mean it called survivor right? then survive in the cold and put some clothes on then the show wouldnt seem to be so much of a masturbation fantasy…but hey, what do i know…

I’m excited. With Big Brother not even cast yet, and TAR in godknowswhat situation, Survivor is a great way to spend an hour a week (well, more if you count internet surfing about Survivor).

The reason they don’t do cold climates: it’s hard to wear a bikini in the snow!

Yeah, and that’s too bad!! Where would they go for something cold, though? It couldn’t be TOO extreme - no Mt. Everest or anything. But would the Canadian Rockies work? Or would they go for something more exotic-sounding like the Andes or the Alps?
Did anybody else catch the preview on VH1 last night? My cats didn’t allow me to really watch it, but I thought it was kind of interesting. I would have preferred a little more info on the new “cast,” but I guess they’ve got to keep the mystery until Thursday.

Mark Burnett was interviewed on my local radio station yesterday, and apparently the wildlife dangers are pretty intense this time.
There are piranhas in the water, so if they have a cut or even a scrape anywhere on their body, they can’t go in the water. You wouldn’t catch me in the water anyway. :eek:
There are anacondas all around, and other snakes.
Lots of poisonous spiders.
I’m forgetting what else he mentioned, but it seemed quite scary.

Some of them got there thinking it was going to be like all the other Survivors, with lots of beach lounging, but no. There was no beach, and there was no “hanging out.”
This one should be pretty good. I’m really looking forward to it.
I’m rooting for Christy, the deaf girl. I like to root for the underdog. In the promos, they’re indicated that since she can read lips, maybe she picks up on plotting by others that they don’t think she knows about.

As for the men vs. women aspect, I think the men may have an advantage as far as physical strength goes, but I think the women will bond more as a group. I think the men will try and “out-macho” each other and may end up flailing about and all trying to be the leader, kind of like Sook-Jai did last time.
I think the women will get their act together faster and get a shelter built and find food and build a fire first.

Just my 2 cents…

Men vs. Women equals stupid puzzle time IC’s again. Oh boy, jungle tic-tac-toe. :rolleyes:

I am looking forward to it, as always. Those who poo-poo the show simply haven’t watched it. There is NOTHING to be ashamed of for liking this show.

I have drawn Roger’s name in our faculty Survivor pool. I won two seasons ago with Vecepia, but had Robb last time. We do pools for everything around here, it seems.

I watched some of the original. When it comes to actually surviving, I could run rings around all those people, but when it comes to putting up with a bunch of backstabbing pricks, forget it.

The only good thing about this is the fact that it’s followed by a 90-minute CSI.