Anybody else looking forward to Hamilton tomorrow?

I couldn’t get actual theater tickets but I am all set now. I have my one month subscription to Disney+ so I can stream it (at $6.95, cheaper than a movie ticket) and I have my cords and cables to hook the laptop to the TV screen so I can watch it larger.

It is a good thing I don’t drink because apparently the official Hamilton drinking game is to take a shot everytime they use the word “shot” which means I wouldn’t make it past the third song.

I was going to post and ask how many plan to subscribe to Disney long enough to watch it. I might just do that.

ETA: Just did it! Thanks for the nudge.

Sheesh, I’ve been so deprived of Formula 1, and so excited about the first practice of the long delayed season tomorrow, I immediately thought you were talking about Lewis Hamilton. I guess “cafe society” should have tipped me off.

As for the musical, this is the first I’ve heard about being available tomorrow. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing. I bet I could sucker my mom into getting Disney+ so I don’t have to…

$6.99 for one month. Cancel anytime. I just subscribed on my Roku.

Yeah, the money isn’t the issue as much as signing up for. Yet. Another. Thing.

I know. But I really want to see this show. The live show came here and the cheapest seats were hundreds of dollars, if you could GET a ticket. I’ll set a reminder on my calendar to cancel in a month.

Can’t wait! We have a viewing party set up for tomorrow evening. I’ll have to remember that drinking game!

So ridiculously excited. Kids too.

My wife and I are looking forward to it. Not sure at all if it’s appropriate for our 11 and 9 year old, so we’ll watch first to see.

It should probably be OK for kids that age. Remember it is on Disney. Apparently they had to clean it up a little bit (the word is that they were only allowed one use of the F-word so they had to change/bleep the other two).

We saw it live with our 11-year-old daughter, and a couple of her friends saw it as well. It’s fine - there’s a little swearing*, and the torrid affair with Mrs Reynolds is a significant plot point in the second half, but there’s nothing that should scar little minds. Plus it’s insanely educational and insanely good.

*As noted, the original show had three instances of the word “fuck” in it; Disney only allows one so Miranda edited the others out, letting him quip that he had literally “given two fucks” to get the show on Disney+.

The concept of “viewing parties” is new to me.

I just learned of a free app for “watch parties”, called Kast. It’s a way of creating “parties” to which you invite friends and family to watch [primarily] movies along with you. Kind of like Zoom, but for stream sharing. You as the host control the play of the movie. It includes chat, screen share and other features.

I tested it with my daughter and it works quite well. I may even upgrade to the premium version for $4.99/month, which adds features. The only drawback is that for now, you can only watch using a browser (Chrome or Edge), smart phone, etc., not on a TV. That’s not so bad. I understand Netflix offers something similar, but with Kast, you can share more (Youtube, Hulu, Prime, etc.).

You can also join “open” parties that are listed by others. I joined a “Jaws” viewing party last night. It was fun, but the other party people weren’t very chatty and lacked a sense of humor. :roll_eyes:

I’m thinking a regular SDMB Kast party night might be kind of fun to develop (e.g. Hamilton Nite). Anyone interested?

I assume movie share parties are legal, otherwise Kast and Netflix Party would have been shut down.

My daughter subscribed to Disney+ a while back for their toddler, so we’ll be watching, not sure when, tho. I assume one streams it when one wants to watch? In any event, yes, I’m looking forward to it!

I plan to watch it tonight: I’ve seen the show twice (once in DC and once in NYC), and I’m still looking forward to this! :smiley:

And… It is SOOO good.

I have never seen the musical and have never heard a single song from it. Mrs. Mahaloth and I are going in blind tonight to watch it the first time(on Disney +).

Hope it is good, trying not to get hyped up.

Is this a one-time only affair, or will it be available on demand?

I saw it on stage last year, so I’m not in a hurry to join Disney+. There’s not a lot there I’d be watching anyway: I’ve already seen their best offerings before.

It’s not a live stream. It’s a recording of a live performance from 2016. So, available whenever you want to watch.

I subscribed to Disney so my kids could watch it, They enjoyed it but I can’t be in the same room.The music is unbearable to me. Truly horrible.