Anybody else notice Andy Borowitz is gone from the New Yorker?

I googled after realizing I hadn’t seen Andy Botowitz’s humor pieces in the New Yorker for at least a month. He was axed, along with a lot of other people. After 25 years. Thanks, Conde Nast.

His Facebook page is still fun. I don’t do X or whatever it’s called now.

Just once I’d like to see the clowns at the top take the fall.

Borowitz’s icon from his old column looked better put together than his real-life picture.

Shallow of me, I know. :roll_eyes:

Agreed (the 2nd paragraph).



We thought perhaps he was on a book tour, which he had been recently. We were not subscribers, but we were on his email list. We both enjoyed his column and looked forward to it. Damn!

Yes, I had definitely noticed. I wasn’t an avid follower but checked in once in a while because I enjoyed Borowitz’s cutting wit. Thanks for the info.

The New Yorker also occasionally had video of Borowitz doing a show at some club or other, typically in NYC I think, and he was pretty good in person, too – witty, quick on his feet, and good with improvising.

Before the magazine picked him up, he published his material on his own website, “Borowitz Report dot com”. That’s still the label on my bookmark, although for years it’s been redirecting to the New Yorker. Hopefully he returns with his own site again.