Anybody else reading the "Wool" Books?

I am currently on #4. They are very good, the author creates very compelling characters and a very interesting future world where folks are forced to live in a silo below the surface. I guess it is some sort of self-publishing phenomenon, I have been reading them on the Kindle so I am not sure if they are available elsewhere, but if you like this sort of sci-fi then I highly recommend it.

I just finished the Wool Omnibus and the prequel last week. Pretty sure several people here recommended them, and I loved 'em. Great premise and good writing. I hope the author does more!

Would this be the series by Hugh Howey?

I read them recently and really enjoyed them. I read the Omnibus edition - I didn’t’ realize there was a prequel? Off to Amazon!

I finished the Omnibus about a month ago. Great story. I, too, didn’t know there was a prequel!

Also finished the omnibus a month or two ago. That series gripped me like very few books have in a good while. Kindle’s not the only way to read them, but it’s certainly the affordable way to buy them; Hugh Howey seems like a genuinely nice guy who just wants people to read his stuff.

Another “read it sometime last month” here. Affordable Kindle sci-fi is the best, and this is one of the best of that group. The prequel was enjoyable too but begs its own sequel, which I’m sure will come eventually…

#6 just dropped, and was equally fun to read. It wasn’t as surprising as the others, but I was happy to just read more about the world.

Howey is a rising star, and I am especially looking forward to his zombie novel.

I believe 20th Century Fox has bought the rights for the series. I think it would be a fantastic series.

I read the first 5 a couple of months ago. The first two are good and set up the world well, and then the last three are ‘stay up way too late’ page turners.

I’ve been meaning to buy the prequel, I might do that this weekend.

Just thought I’d let people know about the Redshirts Freebie. I haven’t read it yet, but it gets good reviews, and the first four chapters are free!

I’m in the middle of the Omnibus right now. I am really enjoying it.

Are his other books as good?

I was not impressed with Redshirts, it was at best amusing, it cost me C$15.00+ on the kindle, its really only a novella + 3 rather dull codas. Worth $2.99 at most. :frowning:

Love, love, love the Wool series. Seriously the best books and most intriguing universe I’ve come across in a long time. I just bought the paperback for my dad and the Kindle version for my stepdad for father’s day. I feel so happy that the author has been so successful, and that that means more stories.

So, after finding out about the prequel yesterday, I bought it for the kindle and finished it while at the laundrymat. Agree that it wasn’t as surprising, but very good nonetheless!

Just read the Omnibus just two weeks ago and couldn’t put it down. I really liked reading it that way so although I’m happy to hear #6 has dropped perhaps I will wait for Omnibus 2 as it looks like there will be at least 9 installments.