Anybody else watching Das Boot on Hulu?

Can’t search, of course. It’s in German and French and some English, with subtitles. There are some uncomfortable scenes involving women, but it’s pretty well done. The only actor I actually recognize is Lizzy Caplan.

I just watched this and really enjoyed it. There were things I didn’t really understand, though. Why was the American woman (Carla) involved in the French Resistance? They kept referencing her group’s experience during the Spanish Civil War. Why? The lesbian sub-plot seemed to me to come out of nowhere. How did Carla know that Simone swung that way? Simone even asked her and Carla said something like “just a feeling”. That doesn’t make sense to me. The consequence of being wrong and totally alienating Simone was too great to just go for an unsolicited kiss.

I liked how the story made me invested in the German characters, but they did not play them for sympathy. They were all awful people – even Frank. But I still cared about what happened to them.

(Besides Lizzy Caplan, there was also The Man Without a Face from GoT.)

Because she’s the Antifa of her day. She joined the International Brigades to fight the fascists in Spain, and when that ended badly, what was she supposed to do? Go back to SmallTown, Wherever State which she’d obviously run away from in the first place? Or carry the fight against Fascists on into France, which borders Spain?

Because lesbians and gays have long relied on picking up on very subtle clues about others’ interest in them. Otherwise no one would EVER get together. It’s sometimes rather dismissively called ‘gaydar’, but trust me, as a lesbian, it’s a thing. It can be as subtle as a look which lingers just a second too long, but it’s enough to pick up on interest.

People taking seemingly daft risks for sexual urges is a story as old as time.

Agreed, it was well done. And a German production too. It’s actually a sequel to a German-made film from the early 80s.