Anybody else watching GSN's "Grand Slam"?

GSN’s new ultimate tournament of champions, “Grand Slam,” gathers together the top earners from other game shows and throws them into a face-off brain battle. I watched the first 2 episodes this weekend and I have to say, it’s a wild show. Fast-paced questioning a la Weakest Link, tough-as-hell Jeopardy-level trivia and general knowledge, and math.

Plus Dennis Miller as a commentator. And some chick who thinks a low-cut top will distract the viewer from the growth on her face, but you can’t have everything.

Anybody else watching?

I tried, but with questions like “what is 42.5% of 37.6”, I got a fast inferiority complex, although the contestants weren’t doing all that well, either.

The math hasn’t really been all that hard, it’s just that sense of the clock ticking away. One poor guy got a question he readily knew the answer to, but didn’t realize the question was his and burned like 6 seconds waiting for his opponent to answer.