Anybody else's Ice Cream Man screamin'?

Anybody else getting threats from the Ice Cream man? Now that I work from home, I get to witness the daily ice cream truck visit.

The other day in a straight-forward, f/u sort of way, we were informed that unless we started buying more ice cream (cripes, we’re out there a few times a week already), they weren’t going to come around any more…“I’m not wasting my gas to come down here!”. Mind you, we live on a cul de sac, with a bunch of families with young kids, and it’s all of an extra 100 yds for him. Turns out my sister in-law, who lives in another state, had a similar experience.

I could go to the store and buy a box of whatever for about a third of what it costs to buy off the truck, but it’s not the same…especially if you’re a kid.

So what’s the deal? Instead of just being afraid of the clown that’s painted on the truck, do we now need to be afraid of the one inside?

In a very straightforward, f/u sort of way, you should tell this waste of Good Humor that he’s better off not coming around anymore. Tell him that the chimes from his ice cream truck are disturbing you. If he’s truly a jerk, this will have the exact opposite effect (reverse psychology, get it?). If not, he’ll go away and you can save money by going to the supermarket and buying your own fudgesicles. Either way, you win.

My ice cream man plays creepy clown music and stares at my boobs. No screaming to report to date.

Amazingly enough, all the moms on the block, my wife included, are now actively boycotting this ice cream man and trying to get another guy who comes within a block on a regular basis to swing on by.

Yeesh! When did stopping an ice cream truck get so freakin’ complicated???

Your neighborhood is just a tad too focused on ice-cream. I’m picturing fathers nervously looking at their watches, kids noses presses against the glass of the picture window, mom upstairs fixing her makeup… all in breathless expectation of the lopsided little truck with chirpy music blaring. When he arrives, you all rush out to meet that divine (if somewhat ornery) entity, Mr. Frosty.

Time to refocus. Tell the kids you will be worshipping at the altar of Ben and Jerry from now on, and pack them into the car once a week and take them to the local parlor.

We’re trying to get the ice cream man to quit coming here. He knows the whole area is nothing but a gold mine. When he comes by, which is usually at least twice a day - the kids around here not only buy a ton of stuff, but they treat him like a rock star. My kids can hear his music playing two blocks away, and the begging starts. Even my 18 month old, who has a 10 word vocabulary, starts yelling “Man! Man!” and tries to climb out the screen window.

Can we switch ice cream men? Can I have yours? I really want this guy to go mine another neighborhood.

You guys should watch Comfort and Joy. It is by far the best movie about Ice Cream truck rivalry ever.

If you ever want to see an Ice Truck assaulted by people weilding baseball bats this is the movie for you.