anybody ever been to Price is Right

I have tickets to see it on vacation.

I’m not that concerned about getting up onstage, if I do I do, but thats out of my hands. It depends on what the producer thinks of me. What I want to be sure of is that we get in and see the show… so I’m wondering from those who may have been there how early I should get there to be assured a spot?

They start giving out the priority numbers at 6… so I was thinking 4. But I’m wondering if anybody who has gone through it knows. (It’s a Thursday taping so there is only one show)

If you already have tickets, doesn’t that mean you’ll get in? :confused:

No. They overbook the show to “ensure a full audience.” In fact, it states pretty clearly on their website and on the tickets that the ticket does not guarantee admission. Now they don’t have countless tickets to each show, but the only way to guarantee you’ll be in a show is to show up with a group of 25 or more.

4 is plenty early, especially if the weather isn’t perfect. Be prepared to sit outside for hours and hours on cold metal benches after standing outside the fence for hours and hours waiting to get in.


We’re talking AM, right? Ouch. Yeah, that should be early enough. My sister and I got into a 2:00 PM taping by showing up at 6:30 AM; we were numbers 135 and 136 in line, if I remember correctly.

There’s a little restaurant in the farmer’s market next to CBS Television City that opens early specifically to serve breakfast to people waiting to get into a taping. It’s not exactly haute-cuisine (it’s more of a greasy spoon) but it’s worth keeping in mind.

If you actually want to get picked to get on the show and play, be perky and if you are a woman, wear a tight t-shirt.
If you are a guy, wear a uniform of any kind - go rent one even. They always pick the one man in uniform.

The day I went, the man who normally selects those to “come on down” was out sick. His replacement picked only women, only blondes with large breasts and only those under the age of 27.

But seriously, if you want to be considered to go on stage, act as if you drank 16 cups of coffee and 9 Red Bulls when you have your mini-interview. They are looking for energetic, bouncy, perky, spunky…you get the idea. Sounds easy, but after waiting 5 hours in line at the crack of dawn, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Good luck! And don’t overbid!

And for God’s sake, if you play “Ten chances”, all the prices end in zero!

And if you play that mountain-climbing game (with the little man who can take 25 steps before plunging into the abyss), you should guess $25, $35 and $45 on the small prizes.

Slight hijack:

I once dated a girl who’s grandfather NEVER missed TPIR when it was on television. He was also a deaf as a post, so he had to watch it turned up to maximum volume (if the volume control went up to “11” he would have had it turned up to “11”). That show is pretty hyped up anyway, but to hear it at maximum volume is pretty annoying.

Anyway, Diane and I were in her house one morning having sex when Grandad turns on TPIR. We’re going at like bunnies and I keep hearing the late, great Rod Roddy screaming “Come on down!” and “Higher! Higher! Lower! Lower!” “Ding ding ding ding ding!” and Bob Barker telling me to get my cats and dogs spayed and neutered. I made sure that Diane and I made other arrangements from then on.