Anybody Ever Build an Above-Ground Swimming Pool?

I ask becuase I wopuld like to have a lap pool-and the advertised ones go for $18,000! Seems to me that a 6’ X 20’ x 5’ (deep) pool could be built (using 1" PT plywood, and 4"x4" timbers, for around $1000@! (exclusive of the pump and filter.
Anybody ever build an above-ground pool?

So you want to build an above ground pool out of wood? Bad idea unless it’s lined with vinyl. Otherwise, sure it would be a fun project!

I’ve put together above-ground pools from kits. $18,000 seems a bit extreme. A quick google reveals one above-ground package for an 18’ X 30’ x 52" pool priced near $3,000.

It’s not hard to do. The most important part is leveling the ground.

Doing a google search for “above ground” “swimming pool” brings up lots of sites offering them for sale. Here’s one:

I don’t think plywood is really the construction medium: remember you’re looking to hold in around 20 tons of water for the dimensions mentioned, and the main stress your structure will have to take is outward. Most commercial products seem to use a combination of plastic and aluminum.

While my experience is a bit outdated (I haven’t had an above-ground since the 70s) , I’ve watched the field advance with interest.

You should carefully investigate different construction methods and their drawbacks (cost, longevity, fragility, etc.) Be aware that maintenance may be required, even if you decide not to use it for a season. I’ve seen pools (the inexpensive "sand and vinyl lining in a wood frame’ types) become permanently unusable after a single season unfilled - though newer designs may limit that.

I found the article on the pool genre! include multiple sizes and colors. you can see here:

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