Anybody ever had Monstera fruit?

This is the most fun fruit ever! It looks like a giant green - well, let’s be honest, like a giant green dildo - but it’s about 8-10 inches long. It’s got these little bits, almost like kernels of corn. The instructions say “Let it sit in the heat, and when the green parts fall off you can eat the sweet white center.” And they do fall off after a couple of days! The center are these little squishy bits in the shape of teeth; they taste sort of like a very sweet pineapple. YUM! Try it!

I haven’t… but my curiousity is piqued. I researched them a little bit to see what they looked like (here), and now I want one!

They sound delicious.

That’s so cool! I love anything that taste like pineapple…

I love anything that looks like teeth…

I really wish I could try these (along with a lot of other exotic fruits I’ve heard of), but I’m pretty unlikely to see it offered for sale here. :frowning:

Last time I tried one of these “you have to taste it” friuts, it was durian. I’ll wait for a first person review of the giant green dildo fruit before rushing out to try one.

I see you’re at the second circle of hell! Right down the street from me…come on up and have a taste. :slight_smile:

What’s the texture like?

Kind of soft, not very firm, and very moist. Kind of like a wet cotton ball.

That looks so wild; I’d definitely try one. I’m amazed by the diversity of plant life in this world. (Makes me aware of just how precious it all is.)

But, whoa!

The fruit of Monstera deliciosa is often referred to as Mexican breadfruit, and looks like a small, green ear of corn lined with hexagonal scales. When it first blooms, the fruit contains so much oxalic acid that it is poisonous, causing immediate and painful blistering and irritation, swelling, itching, and loss of voice. It takes a year for the fruit to ripen, at which point it is safe to eat.


The fruit may be ripened by cutting the fruit when the first scales begin to lift up and the fruit begins to exude a pungent odor, then wrapping the fruit in cloth or paper and setting aside until the fragrance is underpowering. To eat it, you open the fruit, lift or scrape off the outer segments of covering, and eat the custard-like flesh inside, which tastes a bit like pineapple, with some banana and mango thrown in.

I’ve seen those plants around as common houseplants. Had no idea they made such an intriguing fruit.

Well, I spent most of today vacationing in the 4th circle of hell, but I’ll be back to the 2nd circle by the weekend. I’ll pop over when I’m least expected, so make sure the monstera is ripe.