Anybody ever have problems buying used computer games?

An article I read recently claimed its much better to buy new games. So has anybody ever had any problems buying used games? Share your horror stories with me.

I think the main problem these days would be getting the old software running on current equipment. Particularly if the game in question was written for Windows prior to XP. If we’re talking about games that are on floppy then viruses become a concern.

And if a disc, it may have been damaged. Then there are the DRM issues for more recent games.

I’ve bought quite a few used computer games and have never had any problems with them (including DRM).

Hi,I buy used games a lot and have not had any problems.Before you buy make sure the game is compatable with your computer software and video card.I buy off ebay for my kids a lot due to the expensive prices of games today.

Those articles are actually claiming it’s better for the developer’s pocketbooks if you buy new games. Which is true, but it still makes the developers who make these claims Grade-A assholes

I buy used games all the time. I have had one problem, with Loaded - remember that game? The ending cut scene wouldn’t work, when we slaved all the way through. It was a great game.

Other than that, every other one has worked.

The only time I would hesitate is multiplayer online games, assuming you want to play it online. I’d be worried the CD key was floating around still being used.

I’ve bought a few used games through EBay and I just check to be sure the seller has good feedback and the shipping isn’t too high.

Yeah, that’s the sort of DRM I was referring to, along with keys that have a limited number of uses.

In the decades of buying used games I’ve had a problem with six disks. Most of those I’ve been able to clear up immediately since they’re retail purchases. The rest I didn’t find out about the problem until much too late to exchange it and I’m too honest to steal from someone unlike the last person who traded the disk.

Most complaints I see about purchasing used media is that the original creators don’t make any money off the sale. It’s not just games in that regard; I’ve seen authors complain about used books. My opinion on that is “Tough luck”. I buy a ton of used media because I can:

[li]Sample a ton of it looking for hidden gems. I couldn’t begin to afford to just pick things up at a whim at full price but I’ll buy just about any game that catches my eye at 90% off. I might not play it for more than a couple of hours before deciding its terrible but then I’m only out a few dollars.[/li][li]I can play everything that’s popular even when I’m fairly certain that I won’t enjoy it. I don’t like the vast majority of the “AAA” titles produced but that’s what gamers go on about. So a year later after they’ve played it out, traded it in, and there’s eighty copies of the game everyone has already played sitting on the shelf I’ll get it for $5 and try to play it.[/li][li]I like sticking it to the OpalCat.[/li][li]For books most of what I collect is out of print anyway.[/li][/ul]

I don’t like that the game companies don’t get any of the profit from used games, but there’s really no way I’m buying games for $50 or $60, except a few (Rock Band 2 and GTA IV are the two this year.) However, in many cases I’m sure selling a games gives the seller money towards buying other games.

I’ve bought a lot of used games. Or games that were new, but deeply discounted because they’re so OLD. The only problems I’ve had were with games that had OS issues anyways. Or just games that required reflexes. How is it I can drive a car safely, but I can’t play any video game that requires reflexes?

That’s not much of an issue for me. It’s not that I buy game either new at full price, or used - it’s I’ll buy it a couple of years later, at a deep discount, either new or used. In both cases the game company isn’t exactly panting for my money - they’ve either made their buck from the game by that time, or they haven’t. I see no more of an ethical issue about it than I do with reading library copies of books.