Anybody ever write a story like this?

Two words: Crowdsourced Assassination. Somebody like a Kim Jong Un ticks off a lot of people and somebody else puts up a website where people can contribute to getting him dead. When the “bounty” gets big enough somebody’ll go for it.

Haven’t seen it… Go for it!

I’ve seen similar ones where the justice system is replaced by a popular vote: you think Bill Cosby was guilty? You vote to convict. Celebrity trials will get millions of votes; me suing my washing-machine repair guy is only gonna get a handful.

re KJU, hey, I’m good for a couple dollars…

Here’s a 2013 article from Forbes about the real thing.

You just can’t come up with an original idea anymore.

It doesn’t matter if the idea’s been used before. Ideas are the easy part; the hard part is what you do with them.

There’s a Black Mirror episode with a similar concept. People vote on social media who they would like to die. Then someone makes it happen.

You’re 850 years too late. :slight_smile: Remember the quote of Henry II, ‘Will no one rid me of this turbulent beast?’