Anybody get Government Computer News?

Because if you do…

That’s me on page 9 reviewing Kanguru’s Eco Drive.

First time they’ve ever run the pic!

We tend to treat GCN as junk mail here, so I can’t find the paper copy. However I found the article online:

Thanks for the concise and informative article.

Great to see more green (environmentally friendly, power-conserving) products. Personally, I prefer drives without external power cords, but many feel that the external power cord, like the one the Kanguru Eco Drive has, is worth the extra speed of a 7,200 rpm drive.

One compromise I’ve seen from another drive maker (Western Digital?) is to have the USB cable split into two plugs so it can draw twice the amount of power from the computer. Of course, the disadvantage is that computers never seem to have enough USB ports, so something may have to be temporarily unplugged. The advantage is that you won’t have to deal with carrying around a heavy power brick along with the drive.

The $121 price tag is reasonable, less than 50 cents per Gigabyte. Looks stylish, too: