Anybody got a smoke???

Its now Day 4 of Gabe’s umteenth attempt at quitting smoking. Previous attempts to only have one “once in awhile” or “only if someone offers” have failed completely. My only option is to go cold turkey and practice 100% abstinence.

The problem is, I like to smoke. Makes it much harder to quit if you actually enjoy it.

I really really really want a cigarette.

/desperate look
So how about it guys? Anyone got a stog for a starving man ? :frowning:

Well, gee, I’d feel all guilty about sabotaging your quit, how about if we just make out until the nicotine craving passes? :wink:

If you like smoking so much why do you want to quit? I know it’s bad for you but you have to die from something. Why not it be from something you enjoy?

I personally quit because my fear of dying that way outweighed my affintity for smoking. Drinking is another story.

It’s been 6 years for me and I still want a cigarette daily.

Just wanted to be helpful.

In my case, it’s because I want to get serious about running on a consistant basis. Can’t really do both.

Get thee to a bookstore.

Seek out a small slim little book called;

grrr… sorry about that…

A book called;
Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking.

Yeah, I know, I used to see it in the bookstore and sneer at it everytime I walked by it.

Pffft. Like a book could make you stop smoking.

As if it could actually be easy.

Sheesh, how stupid do they really think we are?
Well, I didn’t buy it, someone bought it for me when they knew I was going to try to stop again.

And you know what? It freaking worked.

Seriously, it worked. Delivered on the promise, it was easy.

So easy, it’s been almost a month for me and I forget to share it with others, because I forget. I didn’t tell a soul for two weeks because I just didn’t believe it could be so easy.

I’d stopped before, once for a year, once for a year and a half. Used the patch both times. (Forbidden with this method, and you must NOT stop until you reach the end of the book.) Previously it was strickly self denial, sheer force of will and white knuckling all the way.

I am stunned to discover none of this is required.

He mentions how sad he feels whenever he meets someone who stopped months or years ago, and yet still speak of the craving. I know that feeling, I’ve been that person.

But I can confidently say never again.

And in case you’re wondering, this is my first experience of witnessing, forgive me.

An observant reader may have picked up on the fact that I have not used either the ‘Q’ word, as in, I q*** yesterday, or, I am going to ‘g*** *p’ smoking for New Year’s. This is the give away for people who’ve used this method.

Quitting usually takes numerous attempts before it sticks. At some point you’ll get tired of quitting, and decide it’s easier to just stay quit. It sounds like you’re getting a little tired of the quitting process.

You’re free to start again anytime, right? But you quit for a reason, and you keep coming back to quitting. Maybe you should give quitting a few more days, and see if it gets any easier, before starting again.

The “I enjoy it” part I see as the addictive nature of smoking trying to lure you back. Sure, all smokers enjoy smoking sometimes. They don’t just hate every second and keep on smoking. There are very pleasurable elements to smoking. But all smokers have moments when they don’t like the habit, too – and usually set forth an intention to quit in those moments.

I’ve found its easiest to convince myself to “stop”, once I’ve just had one. At that point, there is no craving. Now if I just do that every day, just once, then it should be much easier, right??


HA-HA! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

CynicalGabe, I just popped in to give you some encouragement. I have never been addicted to nicotine, so I can only try to imagine what you are going through.

This is my third year of losing weight. I slip from time to time, but I win a little each year. In 3 years I have lost 6 inches from my middle.

Keep going! :slight_smile:

Gabe, I liked smoking too. I really, really did. But I’m done with it now, and I never intend to go back. You can quit smoking. You will be able to forget the damn things exist. Leaving cigarettes behind is a way to take back some power you’ve given over to the whole regimen of smoking. As a smoker you tend to think you have no control over your own smoking. As soon as you overcome that belief, you can quit. You do have the power.

There’s an alcoholic treatment theory called Rational Recovery that may be applicable to your situation. Basically, there’s a Beast in your head. This Beast is what craves the cigarettes. It will come up with all sorts of excuses of why you need one. You need to recognize this Beast, and realize you are stronger than it is.

Also, promise yourself you’ll have a cigarette in 2107. It’s funny how that will trick your head.

Remember, you quit every time you put out the cigarette. You are making the choice to light up again.

Well put ivylass.

You can do it!

Are you going cold turkey or using nicotine gum or patches?

I’ve heard that doing something new to fill in the time that you used to spend smoking can help. Maybe take up drinking herbal teas or going for a walk instead of lighting up.

What about stretching out the time each day before you smoke your first cigarette until you reach the point where it become rediculous to start smoking so late in the day?
That way every day will be a little win.

Cold Turkey. Everything else is too easy for me to quickly ramp up the rate of smoking at the slightest excuse.

If you’re thinking of buying some gum, lozenge, or patches, let me know, i have $5.00 rebates for each package you buy.

Just keep recepts and UPC from box. Email me and I can mail you however many you like (within reason).

There is a new gum on the market, its softer to chew and you don’t have to park it in your mouth. Give that a try.

I’ve been clean for about a month now and whenever I get the urge to light up I simply direct my browser to this website and take a long, hard look at the pictures contained therein. Works like a charm everytime. It’s a little graphic though so if you’ve got a nervous disposition opening it mightn’t be the best idea.

That’s why I smoke!! :slight_smile: