Anybody got any fun propositions, or referenda this time?

Usually we have a decent selection of wackiness, or pure spite votes put on the ballot here in Michigan. But this year, nothing but boring reasonable issues. :frowning:

Anybody got anything juicy on their ballot?

We’ve got a constitutional amendment to make a small tweak to the bit about who can vote in FL.

Right now it says “…Every citizen can vote …” Some RW hothead wants to change that to “… only citizens can vote …”. The functional difference is zero, since by describing who can vote you’re also saying who can’t. Plus of course the large body of voter eligibility law that hangs below this bit of the constitution also restricts non-citizens from voting / enables only citizens to vote.

But he wants to make double damn sure than none of those pesky non-citizens can somehow sneak in a vote. Especially not here in FL since the majority of non-citizens are also, you guessed it, non-white.

See below if interested.

In California we have a proposition that involves the question of who can operate dialysis clinics. Nobody knows why the whole state needs to vote on this.

What’s worse, there was already a proposition on essentially the same topic only two years ago.

If you have two laws saying that only citizens can vote and saying (or implying) that non-citizens can’t, I suppose that means that non-citizens can’t vote twice. The just want to make sure of that.