Anybody have a Roomba?

Any Dopers out there have a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner? I read about them and dismissed it as an overpriced novelty item if not an Indictment On The Evils Of Western Capitalism. But speaking as a lazy, hairy guy who hates vacuuming and likes gadget, I’m curious whether they’re any good.

Does it clean well, or is it just a gimmick?

I gave my bro and his wife the Roomba Deluxe for their wedding present. They love it and it works very well (except on the deepest pile rugs). It’s also fun to watch. Go for it.

We own two. They are very good for things like pet hair and surface dirt, and indredible for hard floors.

It’s basically a sweeper (It doesn’t have suction.) For deep cleaning of carpet you’ll need the occasional vacuuming, but we only do it about once a month. It is very convenient for daily maintenance and surface (visible) dirt.

It doesn’t have a lot of suction, so you do still need to vacuum. But you can vacuum less often if you have the Roomba. Best part about it is that it’s very low profile, so it will go under the couch and the bed, places that pretty much only see a vacuum cleaner on moving day.

Hey, I’ve got hardwood floors! And if by “pet” hair you mean “my own” hair, then I’ve got that all over the place, too!

That’s the part that I don’t get – how can they call it a “vacuum” if it doesn’t have suction?

And what’s this about “only” vacuuming once a month? I always thought vacuuming once a month was being industrious. I usually do it once a season, if I remember to. How often are the robotless supposed to be vacuuming, anyway?

Aw hell, if you normally only vacuum once a season, the Roomba will make your place look like an operating room. If you have all hardwood floors, run the Roomba every couple weeks and you’ll be fine. Carpeting is where you need the suction for cleaning. No carpeting, no need for vacuum.

As far as it being called a vacuum, I’ve always seen it officially listed as a floor sweeper. If you have hardwood floors, just trust me this once and get one. Ours are a year or so old and the new ones are even better. If nothing else, take them up on the money-back guarantee.

I don’t have one but I really want one after reading this:

I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.

Well, I have to admit that part of the reason I want one is because of the Achewood comic strips.
With the Roomba cinema.
It keeps going.
and going.

But duffer’s almost got me sold, too. As well as thinking that I’m all slovenly. And, I guess, failing to uphold stereotypes.

No, don’t have onne. But I did have a nightmare about one chasing me. Did you know those little monsters will do 30 mph even up stairs?

We got one for my husband’s aunts - two little old ladies in their 70s with an inexplicable love for gadgetry. They report that it’s not nearly as good a cleaning tool as it is a nifty way to torment their Shih-Tzu. They like having it anyway, especially for the kitchen floor, which is the only uncarpeted room in their house.