Anybody have the Velvet Underground's "Peel Slowly and See" Box Set?

Could you check the liner notes and let me know if they have certain info on the following songs, specifically: Have these recordings been officially prior to this set? And what was the original recording date of these songs?

  • Satellite of Love
  • Walk & Talk
  • Oh Gin
  • Sad Song

FWIW, I had this back in the day (before my brother stole and destroyed it), but I don’t recall the liner notes being especially helpful. All I have left now is the first CD of demos. Sigh.

The liner notes claim they were all previously unreleased. All four later showed up on the Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition) a couple of years later.

I have the box set, but I don’t have the answer to your question. I never read the notes very carefully.