Anybody here Ever Get a "Spray-On" tan?

A local tanning salon hereis advertising something called a “spray-on” tan. Instead ofgettin cancer fromexposing your skin to UV rays,you just step into a booth, and get sprayed with some brownish dye.
Seems like a smart way to do it…after all, the dye is non-toxic. Wghat is this stuff? And, how long does the effect last? And, and you make yourself darker by repeated applications?

My wife got this last week. It looks really good. The effect lasts about a week.

You stand naked in a sort of shower cubicle, wearing a hair net. You have to stand in an exact spot. It sprays you for about 15 seconds on one side then stops, you turn round, and it does it again. You come out, let it dry, and get dressed again. Doesn’t stain the clothes or anything.

The only thing that makes it look very slightly odd is that the face comes out very evenly tanned, whereas a regular tan is patchy.

Yes, repeated treatments will give you a darker, more long-lasting tan. My friend’s daughter had it done. I think the price is pretty reasonable, too.

I thought you were talking about the spray cans of tanning crap that you can buy at the store. My mom uses those constantly, and it looks horrible.

I think the guys had it done to the Straight Guy on one of the QEftSG episodes and it looked pretty alright.

Well, actually, yeah - that IS what it is. I think that these days ALL sunless tanning solutions have the same basic ingredient (dihydroxyacetone, I think it is) which is what makes you turn tan. I believe that it reacts to the protein in your skin to turn color - since it’s only on the top layer of skin, it wears off quickly -especially if you exfoliate a lot. The rest of the ingredients are what’s going to be different with each brand -stuff like fragrance, and the delivery medium (i.e., lotion, mousse, etc.). In the past few years, they’ve tinkered with the DHA stuff so that the results look less orange and more natural.

The basic difference between the “fantasy tan” stuff you see in spas and salons, and the “tan in a can” stuff is delivery. The main reason (for the most part) that the tan-in-a-can stuff doesn’t always look good is because it gets applied unevenly. it’s very difficult to apply it the right way. The airbrush method used by fantasy tan and its ilk ensure a more even delivery - which looks more natural.

In previous polls 'round these parts, a home product by Netrogena was a runaway favorite.

And one from Nuetrogena was popular, too. :slight_smile:

Was Neutrogena popular as well? :wink:

My mom got the spray tan before her vacation, it worked well.

A friend’s salon added a woman who does a spray-on tan using an air-brush mechanism so it goes on evenly which is, I understand, the key success factor to a decent-looking tan.

Since I was going to the beach that weekend and hadn’t been out all year and didn’t want to look like a ghost, I figured I’d give it a try. Here’s my report:

You’re naked except for this paper thong. They put moisturizer lotion on your joints (knees, ankles, elbows, etc.) to keep them from getting too dark. So you then stand with your arms away from your sides and a solution of bronzer (dye) and tanner is sprayed all over - or as much of all over as you want. The dye is so the person spraying can see where you’ve been spreayed and where you haven’t. It dries pretty quickly and then you get dressed and go home, but you can’t wash it off for 5 hours, minimum. You can’t sweat, wash or exercise during that time and should wear loose clothing to keep the clothing from rubbing off the stuff.

The dye looks wierd - I walked into my BF’s office and he didn’t recognize me, becuase my face was so “tanned” (it looked very unnatural at this point).

At 5 hours 1 minute I was in the shower. It looked weird to see all this brown stuff running down the drain - the dye running off.

Immediately after the shower, I felt ripped off as I was exactly the same color as BEFORE the “treatment”, but the next morning when I woke up, I was TAN! It looked good, if I may say, almost too good: it was so even, and a real tan is never that even. It did look weird to have perfectly tan boobs - that was a first.

It lasted a little more than a week since I followed the intructions to use mild (non deodorant) soap and not to do any exfoliation.

It was worth it ($40 and aggravation) for a “special occasion” but not for a regular thing, IMO.

Oh, and the stuff DID completely wash out of my clothes as promised.

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