Anybody here have a kid who collects stamps?

I know it’s a quaint hobby and Kids These Days think it’s lame, but I’m asking just in case. I’m thinking about giving away my old stamp collection (collected when I was 12 so around 1985.) I had a professional look at it and it has no monetary value, which is why I’d like to just give it to some kid who will appreciate and enjoy it.

It’s got 4 sections: world stamps, Canada, US, and England. I can send stamps or sections separately too if someone collects just from a certain country or a specific theme.

I don’t want any money for it, but would love a letter or drawing just so I know the kid got it okay. :slight_smile:

A long long time ago in a world I never created, my parents had a kid who collected stamps.

What originally began to ruin it for me was when countries began printing stamps just to make money selling them to collectors. I was just a kid at the time, yet I saw that as being so bogus as to make a mockery of it all.

I remember this being around the time that a whole parade of African colonies were becoming independent, in the early 1960’s or so, and those were the countries doing a lot of that. They had whole sets of fabulously colorful stamps, in a whole range of face values that nobody would ever use, just to sell to collectors. It was all so contrived.

Dunno of any kids who are into stamp collecting. My three certainly aren’t.

This may interest you:

Thanks … I’m going to contact the local stamp club and then go from there. I did see that link before,Elendil’s Heir, but thanks for the reminder. I sent a bunch of stamps to the lady who makes the bracelets.

Those stamps are known by the name Sand Dunes or CTO’s. Canceled to Order which means they can’t be used but they were never meant to be cause they’re just souvenirs really, to make money. They are still printing them today.

Also, check out eBay stamps for a looksee at the active and buzzing stamp market. Click United States, auctions only, completed items and sort by descending. I can link to it if it’s allowed (in a reply).

I’m not asking for them, because the (heh) postage would be excessive.

My dad just gave my nephew his old stanp collection. Nephew is 18 and was thrilled, saying he would treasure the collection, add it to his own and hand the whole lot over to his own (potential) grandson in forty odd years. Tears may have been manfully hidden on both sides.

So yes, Soylent Juicy, there is a stamp collector after all.