Anybody here have experience with Primerica?

I’m exploring a possible job offer from a money management firm called Primerica. Actually, the regional manager contacted me. I haven’t called back, yet. I’m just wondering what this company wants with a guy who has a communications background working in newspapers and public relations.

Does/has anyone here work/worked for Primerica? Have you been a client? What are your experiences concerning this company?

Thanks in advance.

This is just hearsay evidence, but a good friend of mine worked for them for a time. Seemed he was always being promised great riches, and nothing ever happened. Sounded to me like Amway. His “business” seemed to revolve around getting others to start businesses. He eventually got out of it.

I went in for a “job interview” with these folks about a year ago. Dude, it’s Amway. They won’t actually tell you it’s Amway until they get the person who’s recruiting you to your house to give you the hard sell, when the first thing they have you do is make a list of your friends and relatives, so that you can sell them Primerica financial services. You get more money (natch) by recruiting people, because you get a commission on every sale they make. One part I especially enjoyed is that they’ll make a point of mentioning that they pay you regularly. What they’re actually doing is advancing you your commissions, so you are now obligated to sell sell sell to cover the money they’ve already given you.

If you’re one of those go-getter salesmen types, then I’d imagine there’s a potential to make some money with them. This sort of thing’s totally not my bag, so I declined to sign up with 'em.

My husband was contacted by them last week (we’re in the Chicago area). He has a degree in History and has been working as a researcher of car accidents. The guy told him that they saw his resume on the Monster Board and they’re looking for people to work as investment councelors, but they want people with no financial experience. Sounded fishy to me.

He spoke to his dad, who almost took a job with them when he retired a couple years ago. (My F-I-L also has no financial experience). He went through the training, and basically it was presented as a sales job. He decided against it because he would have to work a LOT of hours to make decent money, and he just wanted something part-time after retirement. He also said that it would involve a ot of weekends and nights.

I think my husband is going to take a pass on this. He doesn’t want to work weekends and nights all the time, and he’s not much into being a salesman. I’m not saying that that the company is scamming people, but I really do think it’s odd that they want people with his background to be a financial planner for people.

Good feedback. I called back the so-called regional director who had left the message on my answering machine. I could tell right away he didn’t know my name. When I mentioned I was calling about the job opportunity, he pepped up. Anyway, I told him I would come to hear his boss explain the business in a group setting. Flags are going up at this point, but I agree I’ll come. Listen, nobody can talk me into something I don’t like.

After hearing you good people tell me about the business, I’m not going. I’ve got a baby at home. I don’t have the time to put in all these extra hours to cover advanced commissions.

One time, I turned down a guy who wanted me to come to his home to learn about Amway. He and his wife tried strong-arm tactics to try to get me to change my mind. There’s no way I’m getting involved with people like that.

Anyway, I asked the Primerica guy about salary. He said people who run their outlets average $118,000 a year. Right. He says it’s salary based. And, part-time work is available. Yeah, well, I was recruited by those Amway scammers as working part time.