Anybody here own a 3rd gen Murano?

A friend at work wants one of these, but is apprehensive about the CVT transmission. What little I’ve found so far suggests problems with it aren’t enough that owners aren’t abandoning them. They really sound like nice vehicles.

I had a 2006 and a 2010 Murano - both with CVT. Loved that transmission!

Now I have a Rogue with conventional automatic… not as nice for sure.

I have a 2015 Murano with 150K miles on it and it runs like a champ. Even used it as an Uber/Lyft for 6 months and put 40K city miles on it. Did change the transmission fluid at 100K.

The CVT’s take a bad rap because it is different from other manufacturers transmissions and sales people like to point this out. But truth is all transmissions have their problems and Nissan CVT’s have improved a lot since they first started using them. The third gen is a solid car, best I’ve ever owned.