Anybody here remember NationStates?

There have been a couple of threads about this game in the past, but I’m trying to type this between innings of the St. Louis-Houston game. Anyway, does anybody here remember that game? I remember the Sea of Cecil used to be damn near the top of the list in powerful regions. Fun times were had by all. Sadly, this game seems to have hit a large valley in its cycle, so I just wanted to remind everybody about it.

So, to all dopers who may not have heard about this game before, what is NationStates? Well, you get to run your very nation. Who hasn’t imagined doing that? Well, that’s why I joined. Anybody who’s interested, it’s here.
[sub]Just an unrelated comment: I’m getting a bit worried about the Cards. Let’s go guys![/sub]

I played it for about three months, and enjoyed it a lot. The only problem I had were the message boards. Those people were rabid… in a bad way. They have no patience for noobs.

[sub]You should be worried. Clemens is hot, hot, hot.[/sub]

I had my own country for about two months. Then I got tired of answering the same damn issues every three days and just stopped.

I was the Rogue Nation of Kuerbisleute. My flag was an awesome image of a sneering pumpkin (created by me). We were doing pretty well, but like jayjay I got pretty bored with the monotony. I guess I’m just not cut out for supreme dictatorship.

They’ve somewhat fixed the repeating issues thing by allowing nations to make up their own issues and sending them in. This actually does quite a lot to vary the expierience.

I played it a while ago. (In fact, I started the Sea of Cecil region.) But, like jayjay, I got tired of answering the same questions over and over. If this aspect has improved, maybe I’ll give the game another shot.

NationStates is still around. I ran across it the other day after it was featured on another site I frequent. I started up the nation of The Roux. As my nation is only 4 days old, it’s hard to say if I’ll still be playing it in a month or two. I haven’t had time for the boards, join the UN or add anyone to my dossier.


I played it in its Sea O’ Cecil haydays. And I too was turned off after realizing that the questions kept repeating themselves and the description of my country’s changes pretty much were uninteresting after I read 'em all. Have the descriptions changed much?

No, the country comments are still canned, and after reading the 6th one last night, I was overwhelmed with a sense of deja-vu. While the guy who put it together claims that the program is not biased, the majority of the “most liberal” countries are listed as anarchies. For a fun project, it’s interesting, but if you’re looking for a serious poly-sci cooker that really lets you play around with demographics, policy and government, this isn’t it.