Anybody here wanna do P90x with me?

So I got P90x back in March, along with a few free weights and a chin up bar… It’s about time I started disciplining myself and getting in shape.

A friend of mine has agreed to do it with me, and we are going to start this Friday (May 28). Anybody else wanna do it with us and track your progress here, share tips, whine about how hard it is and how much you wanna quit? Good recipes?

Whatever, all are welcome.

I’m not yet ready to commit to it. I do think I’ll try it, but when I do I want to be sure I will stick it out.

I’m actually really close to getting this. If I see the infomercial this weekend, I’ll probably call and place an order. Or if they have a website.

I want to pay for it. Seriously. Psychological studies have shown that if you pay for something, you value it more, which is why I’m not burning the CD’s from friends who have it. If I do that, I would think I’m not losing anything by skipping workouts. I need to invest in it because I seriously have some pounds to lose. If I get it, I’ll post back here again!

Our gym does this M-F. We haven’t been able to because we have kids to get ready for school: but now that school’s out, we may be able to start!

Did I mention it’s at 5am?

I really want to do it, but I’m sure I’ll do what I do with everything else - crap out a little into it. The only thing I’ve been able to do long-term is run, and now I’m so paranoid about getting hurt running again…

I’m already on week 2, but I can give the occasional update as I go along. I’m not following the diet though and I ride a lot of miles on bikes on the weekends.

Sigh, I ordered it. I know it’s just me making another attempt to buy my way into life changes, but I’m going to try.

I’ll join you, but on its wimpier cousin - I bought the Power90 program a number of weeks ago. I meant to start May 1, but then caught a cold that finally wrapped up last week. Now that I’m all better, I’ll be starting June 1. (I’d start on the 28th with y’all, but my sister-in-law’s coming up this weekend, and I know there’ll be epic drinking. I might as well wait until that’s over instead of beating myself up about it.)

Will that work? If so, I’m in.

I’m only interested because of the threads here talking about it. I’ve never seen the infomercial so can someone here lay out the ‘hard-sell’? What do I get for $120+? What will I have/get to do?

I play hockey twice a week, but it’s usually Sat & Sun, so not much else during the week. I’d like to get something challenging going and this may be it.

I did it a while back, not so much because I wanted to work out, but due to some other things going on in my life. I never did the dieting part and even though I’ve never in my life worked out, I actually almost enjoyed it.
One of these days I’ll start it up again.
If I could make a suggestion though, if you’ve never really worked out, instead of beginning on Day 1, start the day before and do the Day 7 DVD. I think the fact that I stretched for an hour the day before I started working out helped a lot.

And my thighs hurt just thinking about plyo.

I have to admit, I was surprised. I have to admit, I really never gave it 100%, and I still saw real results. I would have been in really great shape if I had done 2 full rounds at 100%. Instead of about 70 days at 80%

It’s a set of DVDs featuring well-rounded, diverse, intense hour long workouts. All you need is free weights and a chin-up bar, and a LOT of discipline. There are many who swear by it, and it does produce results, but it’s hard work. The reason it’s so popular is because it’s a planned program instead of a random, home-grown workout plan.

So, are you guys gonna keep us updated on your progress?

I just started it yesterday. I’m doing my own version of it, though, because I’m training for another half marathon. I posted in the other thread that I’m going to be doing the “lean” program and leaving out lower body stuff, substituting runs for that and the cardio. So I’ll be doing:

Core synergenics (?): did that yesterday, my core is a little sore but my ass and thighs KILL. methinks I may have done some of the moves wrong…

Run/ab ripper

Arms and shoulders

Long run/ab ripper


I started today! I fast-forwarded through a lot of the first DVD- I really just wanted to know what the sequence should be, and I found that online. I borrowed the DVDs from a friend, so I don’t have the pull up bar and will use the bands- I only have my own bands, though, so I’ll probably buy more. I think I will do the abs ripper on days with cardio, though. Might change my mind later. I did chest/back today, and have to say it wasn’t as hard as I thought, though I do need heavier weights and probably to buy their bands. I already exercised for at least an hour every day before this, so I anticipated it not being as intense. But I’m committed and ready.

Well I finally bought it. It should arrive in 5-7 business days. This will be the most comittment I’ve ever had to a workout. I promised myself years ago that I would get in shape and it’s always been a struggle, but with this desk job I’ve gained a lot over the past few years. If I cannot get in some shape after this, then I guess I’m just not fated to have a decent body.

They’re totally going to shipping-fuck me, I know it. I ordered it through Amazon Prime, and the delivery date is June 1. Tracking says it’s sitting in a shipping center a few miles away and has been since 4 AM. What do you want to bet it doesn’t move until Tuesday?

ETA - that’s cute, it actually lied to me. This morning it said it had arrived in West Columbia at 4 AM. Now it says it got there at 3:30 in the afternoon. Uh-huh.

So I started it last night, did the Chest and Back video. Didn’t even do half of the stuff they did… Lots of pull ups and push ups. Did the abs tape afterwards… same story. I feel like I didn’t try as hard as I should have though, so tonight will be better.

Here’s what I’ve thought this week:

Core: not sure about this one. Barely felt it in my abs the following day but felt a lot in my thighs and butt. They don’t really show you how to do the moves too well, so it’s hard to know whether I’m doing the moves correctly, unless I’ve done them before.

Arms and Shoulders: wasn’t sore after this one either, which concerned me. I figured out about halfway through that I should use heavier weights. I wasn’t sure from the beginning if I should switch up though, because I didn’t know how many reps we’d be doing. I’ll re-assess when I do it again with the heavy weights.

Ab Blaster: totally kicked my ass. Good stuff.

Legs and Back: holy hell! This one was rough, but in a totally good way. I don’t have a pull up bar and was trying to do all the pull ups with a resistance band, but it didn’t really work. I eventually switched to free-weights and started feeling it at the end.

Cardio X: meh. I could get a better cardio workout from the treadmill or stationary bike, honestly. I’ll probably substitute that for this one in the future.

Yoga: doing it tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed!

Shoot, I’m a little bit behind here! Ordered it yesterday (on a holiday weekend, duh me), hoping it arrives by the end of the week. I signed up for the free month of the beachbody club as well, but have no idea how to activate it. The website only has a portal for the pay straight away option. Perhaps the login details will be included with the product or emailed?

I have a chinup bar, but it’s in my old house 250 miles away. Can’t get it until June 7th. Any suggestions for what I can do in the meantime as a substitute exercise?

Really hope that I’ll be able to make the daily commitment to this. In order to carve out time from my schedule I’m going to have to cut something out…most likely reading for pleasure and 80% of my web surfing. For me personally, neither of those activities is enhancing my life. In fact the former is making me fat because there’s nothing I love more than to read a good book while scarfing down tortilla chips with cheese dip. So it’s not exactly going to kill me to scale that habit back, eh?

Oddly enough, theres a P90x add at the top of the page… Maybe its a sign :eek: