Anybody know anything about Level 3 Communications?

Every time I back-trace a port scan blocked by my firewall, the IP adress resovles to Level 3. Are they known as a spamhaus, or are they a backbone and the real scanner is one of their sub-sub-subclients? I never seem to back-trace port scans to any other oprovider.

The latter - they’re a “network partner”. Try to figure out which of their clients is misbehaving. The corporate site:

(Aside) They are gambling that VoIP is going to save their butts right now. They were basically left for dead a couple years ago.

yeah, they’re a backbone provider. They have lots of colo space, dark fiber, and services they sell to various and sundry. Odds are your offender is of the sub-sub variety you reference in the OP.

Thanks for the help. For anyone else that’s interested, their abuse URL is: