Anybody know this cover artist.....

1950’s Martian Chronicles cover.

Did a reverse Google image search and came up with this guy: Dean Ellis.

Dean Ellis

Ellis did this one.

And all the credits on his page showed 60’s and 70’s.

That cover certainly looks very 70s.

“Reverse Google image search” – what’s that?

Google it.


Click the camera icon in the search box and it will bring up an additional box where you can input a specific image. It will then search for images similar to what you put there.

Is that the same thing as right click “search Google for image”?

Tried that, of course. Since it was a “Martian Chronicles” cover, Google brought up other covers of that work, hence the (mis)identification of Ellis.


The cover linked in the OP is not from the Fifties; Here is a 1950s Bantam cover. According to this, the cover in the OP is a Seventeenth Edition from 1967.

When I click on my link, I get the same cover you posted as the 50’s one, Skywalker. And that IS the one I’m inquiring about. Do others get the planet one? To make it clear, I’m asking about the one with the person on it.

Apparently everyone but you is getting the Dean Ellis cover. The cover you intended to link has no attributed artist.

Well, that is bizarre. I tested this by going in and clicking my link in IE (OP was done in Firefox), got the “man with raygun” pic just as I should have.

It’s actually even a later edition, as it added the promotion for the NBC miniseries adaptation in the 1970s.

AZ Mike: You’re not by any chance an SF writer yourself, are you?