Anybody know this opening line?

Im not really sure of the proper forum for this is but… Does anybody know what book this opening line came from? Or better yet a site where I could find the opening lines to other books? Any way it starts “I was born in the town of York, in the year…” ???

I think this may be the opening line to Robinson Crusoe:

I found this at this site:

Thanks, it was for extra credit in achool to name that, And i was sure it was a book i hadnt read, but i actually hve. Thanks alot though.

Hey thanks for that web site too, its a weekly extra credit to find the begging lines to certain books. Good work

NewUser1 said

The extra credit should just about make up for the points you must lose on spelling and punctuation. :rolleyes:

Awww c’mon. We’re stamping out ignorance, not administering France’s famed * La Dictee * national spelling and grammatical exam. He’s new. Welcome to the Straight Dope, NewUser :wink: