ANybody make there own roast-beef cold cuts?

Does anybody do this? or have any warnings?
Basically I eat a lot of cut cut sandwiches. But store or deli cuts are always salty and full of water and expensive . With Turkey and ham I a have done it, and it works great. Roast it normally, Then cut it into slabs, freeze it, then pull a hunk and let it thaw and make sammiches.Beef Roasts always work better with large hunks, small pieces just don’t manage the right level of medium rare throughout that I am looking for.
I can’t think of any reason why it won’t work, and it seems simple enough.
1.cook a nice roast beef,
2. freeze
But for some reason I have this undeveloped thought in the back of my head that there is something you need to be aware of in freezing cooked beef to not moosh up the texture.

I actually do, but I don’ often make my own roast beef just for sandwich use, but I don’t know about freezing cooked beef. I think it would lose a LOT of texture and end up a mushy mess.

However cooked beef easily keeps a week in the fridge. Cook a smaller roast and use it up.

I usually buy an Eye of Round roast and cook it according to this method to maximize tenderness (I have a oven thermometer that has a sensor on a long cord that remains in the meat, and can beep when a certain temp is reached) It slices well, it’s usually sold in manageable chunks, it’s inexpensive, and it’s lean which IMHO is better for sandwiches.

A different, similar recipe:

Yes there is, so don’t freeze it. Well chilled, roast beed should be stiff enough to slice. But you need a good sharp slicing knife. It should have a long thin flexible blade. Try eye round roasts, they’re lean, and a single cut of meat, so they’re firm and don’t come apart in pieces. You can even thin slice them with a decent mandolin.

Both regular beef and corned beef make excellent sandwiches. I make a very tasty pot roast, but we don’t eat it all as pot roast, we eat some as sandwiches, some as pot pies, and the last bit as soup.

Or do what I did and buy a small deli slicer.

If I had more room in the kitchen I’d be doing that. But I have plenty of sharp knives around. A good mandolin is more verstaile than a slicer, and can do some cold cuts alright, but doesn’t match a rotary slicer for larger and tougher stuff.

When we had a large party to plan I would sometimes buy the beef roast, cook it at home, and take it back to the supermarket and get it sliced. I always asked about it ahead of time and they said sure, no problem, and no extra charge.