Anybody need their ass kicked?

(Seller is not me, btw)

It’s up to $1.75 already.

How much you wanna bet people are entering bids in their enemy’s names?
Anyone want to enter a bid in the name of Osama?

That has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! I dig the part where he says “Most likely though I will just fly in, kick your ass, and then leave.”

That’s hilarious…

HAHAHAHAAA!!! I know that guy!! He’s a regular on the SomethingAwful boards, and I think he even posted a thread about his auction on there.

Don’t bother looking if you’re not registered there already, by the way.

I wonder if he can get in trouble for using the Ebay logo and making it look like a real ebay page? Is this supposed to be considered fair game as satire or parody?

Nah, it’s an archive of an actual eBay page. He submitted the “item” for auction, it got a few bids, then eBay took it down for obvious reasons. It was pretty funny though. I’ll see if I can rustle up a thread where he talks about it, if you’re interested.

Cliff Yablonski? What ever happened to his page, I can’t get there any longer?

You can get to Cliff Yablonski’s page just fine from the front page. You just can’t get to the forums if you don’t already have an account unless you pay to sign up.

The webmaster of SA is having some problems keeping the servers up for both his humor page and the forums because of bandwidth issues/costs. Here’s his explanation of the whole thing, copied from the forums login page:

That’s why I was saying if you don’t have an account there, or you were banned (like myself), you don’t need to worry about finding the thread. :slight_smile:

I had previously thought the “hail brak” guy posted word about this on another forum in addition to SA, but I was mistaken, so I can’t get to his thread either. DOH!!!